NYA Roster & Paint Schemes 


Number Model LIRR 
NYA logo
Dark Green   White Stripe Dark Green  9/11 flag Green/Black L&N Notes
101 SW1001   x           ex-LIRR
105 SW1001   x           ex-LIRR
106 SW1001       x       ex-LIRR
151 MP15AC     x         ex-LIRR (1)
155 MP15AC       x       ex-LIRR
156 MP15AC x             ex-LIRR
159 MP15AC x     x   x   ex-LIRR
201 GP10               ex-Conrail (2)
202 GP10               ex-Conrail (2)
261 GP38-2 x             ex-LIRR
268 GP38-2       x       ex-LIRR
270 GP38-2       x   x   ex-LIRR
271 GP38-2 x       x     ex-LIRR
9321 SW1200             x   (3)
9373 SW1200            



        Notes:  (1)  #151 has/had been painted a bright "mint green" color with a batch of paint from a different supplier
                    (2)  Only at the NYAR for a short while, until LIRR GP38-2 arrived
                    (3)  Engine blown? Being scapped?
                    (4)  Still active, lacks ASC

       Info: Henry Wagner