Maspeth, NY  GCCX600217Maspeth_JohnMcCluskey11-28-09.JPG.jpg (50662 bytes)
                                                       GATX #600217 Maspeth 11/28/09
                                                           Photo: John McCluskey


Coca Cola Bottling Co. 

Coca-Cola_Maspeth-2016.jpg (87304 bytes)
Coca Cola Bottling Co. Aerial view N - 58th St. Entrance, Maspeth 2016 


Coca-Cola-Plant_Maspeth_12-22-15.jpg (112990 bytes)
Borden Ave. Entrance View S 12/22/2015

Emery map - Haberman's Factory Crossing to Maspeth Ave., North Side of 56th Rd. 10/1958

The train photos below are in location "x" above.  Track configurations are different of course in 2009; the LIRR map is 1966. 
Example: Sidings in blue are long gone, paved over. Info: Bernie Ente

maspeth01-04-09BEnte.jpg (75753 bytes)
LIRR #154, #153 Maspeth 01/04/09 View N
Photo: Bernie Ente

maspeth2_01-04-09Bente.jpg (72275 bytes)
IRR #153, #154 Maspeth 01/04/09  View E
Photo: Bernie Ente

   SKY Materials 

skymaterialsmaspeth.jpg (67585 bytes)
"SKY" 2/12/2009  Photo: John McCluskey


stockpileconveyvor.jpg (79870 bytes)
Stock pile conveyor 10/29/2009 Photo: John McCluskey


SKY Materials stone facility is located south of Rust Street (56th Rd) and between 49th Street and Maspeth Ave. 


skymaterialseast120309.jpg (67688 bytes)
(1) In this eastbound view I am standing on the siding roadbed at 56th Road.  12/03/09
Photo: Bernie Ente

skymaterialsnichollsiding120309.jpg (118878 bytes)
 (2) The cut track is the remaining segment of the lead to Nicholl's Siding. 12/03/09
Photo: Bernie Ente

generatorforconveyors.jpg (68503 bytes)
(3) Generator for conveyors
10/29/2009 Photo: John McCluskey

GCCX600217overthedumppit.jpg (76077 bytes)
(4) GCCX #600217over the dump pit
10/29/2009 Photo: John McCluskey

GCCX60021.jpg (84777 bytes)
(5) Transfer conveyor 
10/29/2009 Photo: John McCluskey

transferandstockpileconveyors.jpg (71371 bytes)
(6) Stock pile conveyor
10/29/2009 Photo: John McCluskey