21st Century Long Island Freight Incidents
NYA-RS80_Wyandanch_3-30-2015_JamesCarbone.jpg (54690 bytes)
NYA RS80 Wyandanch view NE 3/30/2015 
Photo: James Carbone
NYA-RS80_Wyandanch_3-30-2015_viewE_JamesCarbone.jpg (75740 bytes)
NYA RS80 Wyandanch view E 3/30/2015 
Photo: James Carbone
wyandanch-derail_NYA_3-30-2015.jpg (55468 bytes)
Wyandanch view SW 3/30/2015
Location: Wyandanch passing siding just west of 18th St. at MP34.5

Wyandanch Fire Dep't: Locomotive carrying 2000 gallons of diesel fuel, derailed cut fuel tank, large fuel spill 500+ gallons diesel on the ground.

The freight car damaged in the incident is property of the New York and Atlantic Railway and was carrying a full load of lumber when it derailed on a freight siding. The derailed car came to rest on its side and in a location that made it impossible to re-rail without first off-loading the lumber. LIRR workers cut away security fencing made of high-gauge steel, enabling NY&A to bring in the machinery needed to remove the lumber Monday night.

The LIRR then assisted NY&A in removing the damaged freight car, cutting it into pieces rather than trying to re-rail it, and discovered the full extent of the damage done to its communications infrastructure. The derailed car had knocked down a utility pole, sliced through wires and cables and crushed signal machinery. 



The pilot of a single-engine plane was killed and a passenger injured Sunday morning after the aircraft slammed into LIRR tracks near the South Oyster Bay Road crossing, between the Hicksville and Bethpage stations on Aug. 16, 2015. (Credit: Jim Staubitser)

Bethpage-plane-crash_8-16-15_Newsday.jpg (36596 bytes)
Bethpage plane crash 8/15/15 
Bethpage_viewE_S. Oyster Bay Rd_plane-accident_8-16-15_DaveMorrison.jpg.JPG (64520 bytes)
Bethpage view E at S. Oyster Bay Rd Plane accident 8/15/15 Photo: Dave Morrison
Bethpage_viewW_old S. Oyster Bay Rd_plane-accident_8-16-15_DaveMorrison.jpg (66116 bytes)
Bethpage view e from Old S. Oyster Bay Rd - Plane accident 8/15/15 Photo: Dave Morrison



Divide-derailment_9-15-15.jpg (453448 bytes)HICKSVILLE (WABC) -- By Kristin Thorne Tuesday, September 15, 2015 08:20PM
Two cars out of a 16-car freight train derailed west of Hicksville on Tuesday, officials tell Eyewitness News. The freight train is operated by New York and Atlantic. No injuries were reported.
It is unclear what caused the cars carrying construction materials to derail. One track was taken out of service. Emergency crews planned to bring in a crane to remove the train from the tracks, then inspect the 100 foot section of track that was damaged.

Normal Long Island Rail Road service has resumed westbound. Service was suspended due to a freight train derailment west of Hicksville. Even though service has resumed, LIRR customers were advised that some residual delays were possible. [West of Wantagh Pkwy overpass, MP23: Steven Lynch]

YA train configured with power at the west end, loaded construction debris cars at the head, followed by empty aggregate hoppers, followed by about 5 more loaded C/D cars. The last two cars were on the ground, with the first upright and still attached to the end of the train, and the last tipped northwards off it's trucks, with the trucks right in the vicinity of Divide 1-21 crossover. LIRR had an almost inconceivably high number of people on the ground. Very quick response. Dave Barraza


RS-41at HALL - Track 10 derailment 5/14/2021 Photo/Archive: Greg Grice

NYA derailment Track 10 just E of HALL 5/13/2021 Photo/Archive: Neo Jiang

Jamaica map 1982 HALL Track 10 zoom Archive: John Fusto

NYA derailment Track 10 5/13/2021 east of HALL Jamaica Photo/Archive: Roger Klein

(Above) On May 14th, 2021, New York & Atlantic Railway's RS-41 job, with EMD GP38-2 #261 leading solo, is seen crossing onto Track 9 next to the tower at Hall Interlocking in Queens, NY while on on it's way back to Fresh Pond Yard. On the opposite side of the tower, the RS-20 job, with EMD SW1001 #101 & MP15AC #155, is assisting Long Island Rail Road & Cranemasters crews with re-railing cars from a minor derailment that occurred on Track 10, the evening of  May 12th. Photo/Archive/Info: Greg Grice