21st Century Long Island Freight

Farmingdale - Coastal Distribution, LLC 

The New York & Atlantic RR services Coastal Distribution; a transload facility for construction and demolition debris (C&D).  It is built on the previous LIRR site of an existing wye that extended north of the main line.  

Coastal is one of NY&A's largest customers. It loads about 10-15 gondolas 6 days a week. I believe it has its own trucks (I've seen at least 5 tractor trailers) and its own railcars (CDEX cars). It is an empties-in/loads-out operation.

It may recycle some metal found in the debris that the tractor trailers bring in, but the majority of the waste is C&D (sheetrock, lumber, etc.)  This is what the corrugated steel shed on the east leg of the wye houses. The trucks dump their loads and then in it is loaded by grapple and loaders into the high side gondolas for disposal in landfills. (Sent to Ohio, I believe.)

The west wye leg crosses New Highway and enters the fenced property through a gate.  Coastal Distribution. However, currently, switching is performed on the east leg of the wye only. Loads are pulled out, then the empties are shoved in, both on the east leg of the wye. It doesn't make sense to put the emptied through the west leg, as the engines are on the wrong end of the drag. Usually the job that switches coastal takes care of business there, then either continues east to Wyandanch to switch the container customer before heading back west, or they just run around at Farmingdale and head back from there.

A new longer siding has been laid north of the team track and it looks like it extends far enough west to reach a sand and gravel lot. 

The wye goes back to the early 20th century, c.1916, when Bloch and Guggenheimer (B&G) Pickle's siding occupied the west wye leg site area followed by Republic Aviation during WW II, when in full swing, building fighter planes for the war effort. As the LIRR rules prevented steam engines from running tender first on the main line, the wye was essential for turning them for the westbound runs. The building was later used as a warehouse. 

Farmingdale wye - Coastal Distribution, LLC aerial 
Note: Abandoned ex-B&G Pickles/Republic siding prior to raze in 3/2013

Farmingdale-track-work_viewE_3-18-2013.jpg (46389 bytes)
Farmingdale track view E
NYA-Farmingdale-New-Highway-Map_3-20-2013_SRothaug.jpg (105744 bytes)
NYA Farmingdale at New Highway Map 3-20-2013 Note: Indicates previous razed B&G siding
West view Farmingdale wye.JPG (53511 bytes)
West view Farmingdale wye
Farmingdale-newswitch-viewW-fromNewHwy_03-23-13.jpg (75643 bytes)
Farmingdale new switch view W 
from New Hwy 3-23-13
Coastal-Dist_Gate-west-leg-wye_viewNE_3-18-2013.jpg (46889 bytes)
Coastal Distribution gate west leg of wye view NE across New Hwy. 3-18-2013
Coastal-Distribution_viewS_3-18-2013.jpg (47600 bytes)
Coastal Distribution view S 3-18-2013
Farmingdale-track-work_viewW_3-18-2013.jpg (66817 bytes)
Farmingdale turnout ready for installation view W 3-18-2013
Farmingdale-concreteplant-viewW-fromNewHwy_03-23-13_closeup.jpg (61497 bytes)
Farmingdale concrete plant view W end of new sidings 03-23-13
Coastal-Dist.-viewS_03-23-13.jpg (39520 bytes)
Coastal Distribution view S 3-23-2013
Farmingdale-wye-viewW_old-new-turnout-for-teamtrack_3-18-2013.jpg (53517 bytes)
Farmingdale wye view W the old and new turnout for the teamtrack 3-18-2013
Farmingdale-wye-viewW_new-siding_Coastal-Dist_3-18-2013.jpg (56382 bytes)
Farmingdale wye view W new siding for Coastal Distribution 3-18-2013
Switch-into-concrete-siding_viewE_03-23-13.jpg (58972 bytes)
Farmingdale switch into concrete siding view E 3-23-13
Farmingdale-concreteplant-viewW-fromNewHwy_03-23-13.jpg (54056 bytes)
Farmingdale concrete plant view W  from New Hwy 03-23-13
Farmingdale-concreteplant-offloadingsiteunderconstruction_viewW_03-23-13.jpg (69127 bytes)
Farmingdale concrete plant off loading site under construction view W 03-23-13
Farmingdale-concreteplant-viewNW-fromNewHwy_03-23-13.jpg (53092 bytes)
Farmingdale concrete plant 
view NW 3-23-13
Farmingdale-ex-BandG_viewE_03-23-13.jpg (59739 bytes)
Farmingdale ex-B&G Pickle Co. and Republic Warehouse view E 3-23-13
Note: The previous razed siding loading docks.
All photo/information above Steven Rothaug, unless otherwise noted 
lirr271&156-RS60PineAire01-24-01williamSkeats.jpg (124194 bytes)
LIRR #271 & 156 1/24/01 Pine Aire, Train RS60 - Don C. 
cleaning number boards and lights as Jay E. looks on. 
Photo: William Skeats
NYA151andNYA101eastboundSmithtown10-01JohnVolpi.jpg (67931 bytes)
NYA #151and NYA #101 eastbound Smithtown
 10/2001 Photo: John Volpi
NYA261-151PJeff02-04-06johnvolpi.jpg (78644 bytes)
NYA #261 & # 151 with the  Railbox car 
have been turned.  The train backs up to couple 
up to the remaining cars. 02/04/06 
Photo: John Volpi
pulvergasmikemcdermet.jpg (58500 bytes)
Pulver Gas Bridgehampton Plant & Fuel Station 
Sign Photo: Mike McDermet
Blissville09-06-09Dietrich.jpg (139729 bytes)
NYA #106, #159 Blissville Yard View NW 09-06-09
nya151-RS40DeerPark03-01-07williamSkeats.jpg (57080 bytes)
NYA #151 Deer Park, Train RS40 done switching Southern Container and Tanger Outlets C&D-tree waste 03/01/2007 Photo: William J. Skeats
Blissville09-06-09Dietrich2.jpg (110521 bytes)
NYA #106, #159 Under Greenpoint Ave. Blissville 09-06-09
Islip3-16-2012glenjohnson.jpg (105409 bytes)
Islip westbound at ex-84 Lumber 3/16/12 
Photo: Glen Johnson
rs30_Amco-Plastics_01-15-2005.jpg (139176 bytes)
RS #303 Amco Plastics, Farmingdale 1/15/05
carfloat-278_14car-load_40min-trip_11-13-2014-Richard-Perry_NYTimes.jpg (43466 bytes)
carfloat #278 with 14 car load, 40 min.trip 11/13/14 Photo: Richard Perry -  NY Times
NYA-65th-St_Richard-Perry_NYTimes.jpg (52130 bytes)
NYA 65th St. View E 11/13/14
Photo: Richard Perry -  NY Times

Paraco Gas Riverhead view N 2017
Paraco-Gas_viewE_1-27-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (62376 bytes)
Paraco Gas view E 1/27/2017
Photo: Steve Rothaug
Paraco-Gas-Propane-Tanks_viewE_1-27-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (40953 bytes)
Paraco Gas propane tanks view E 1/27/2017
Photo: Steve Rothaug

Paraco has three spots for  LPG tank car unloading on their siding; located at 44 Kroemer Ave., Riverhead. The eight white tanks have a capacity of 30,000 gallons of propane, but are not filled all the way to allow for expansion. I was told they are filled with about 28,000 gallons. Info: Steve Rothaug