21st Century Long Island Freight

NYA Clearance and Weight Limits map 4/16/2015

Today, in 2020, NYAR has only one active customer on the Port Jeff line: Kleet Lumber. Virtually none throughout Nassau county unless somebody moves again to the Hicksville Team yard. The Central Branch has One World Recycling which ships out C&D, and takes in stone and lumber. All the other costumers on Central Branch are gone along with West Hempstead and Montauk Branch (Freeport team). Thus, leaving the mainline with the bulk freight activity out in Suffolk. NYA controls the Bay Ridge and Bushwick Branch tracks with perhaps growth potential.
LIRR-Green-Locos_Newsday 9-26-2018.jpg (215243 bytes)
LIRR 'Green' locomotives on the way - Newsday 9/26/2018 Archive: Dave Morrison
LIRR-Freight-Service_Newsday-3-6-2018.jpg (187627 bytes)
LIRR Should Run Own Freight Service - Newsday 3/06/2018 Archive: Dave Morrison

NYA President Marlon Taylor -  Newsday
6/21/2024  Archive: Dave Morrison
Railroads-Illustrated-April-2012_NYA_William-Skeats.jpg (150588 bytes)
New York & Atlantic Railway - Railroads Illustrated
April, 2012 Photos/Article: William Skeats

MP15AC #166-165 Work Extra bringing back one of the few remaining concrete tie cars in Port Jefferson. The growing weeds at Greenlawn have been recently cut back, which allowed for a nice wide angle at Lake Road, Greenlawn. 10/20/2022  Photo/Archive: Patrick Hines

NYA RS20 #101, #261 passing Fremont
4/2023 Photo/Archive: Benjamin Lederer
Coastal Distribution, LLC - Farmingdale

The New York & Atlantic RR services Coastal Distribution; a transload facility for construction and demolition debris (C&D).  It is built on the previous LIRR site of an existing wye that extended north of the main line.  

Coastal is one of NY&A's largest customers. It loads about 10-15 gondolas 6 days a week. I believe it has its own trucks (I've seen at least 5 tractor trailers) and its own railcars (CDEX cars). It is an empties-in/loads-out operation.

It may recycle some metal found in the debris that the tractor trailers bring in, but the majority of the waste is C&D (sheetrock, lumber, etc.)  This is what the corrugated steel shed on the east leg of the wye houses. The trucks dump their loads and then in it is loaded by grapple and loaders into the high side gondolas for disposal in landfills. (Sent to Ohio, I believe.)

The west wye leg crosses New Highway and enters the fenced property through a gate.  Coastal Distribution. However, currently, switching is performed on the east leg of the wye only. Loads are pulled out, then the empties are shoved in, both on the east leg of the wye. It doesn't make sense to put the emptied through the west leg, as the engines are on the wrong end of the drag. Usually the job that switches coastal takes care of business there, then either continues east to Wyandanch to switch the container customer before heading back west, or they just run around at Farmingdale and head back from there.

A new longer siding has been laid north of the team track and it looks like it extends far enough west to reach a sand and gravel lot. 

The wye goes back to the early 20th century, c.1916, when Bloch and Guggenheimer (B&G) Pickle's siding occupied the west wye leg site area followed by Republic Aviation during WW II, when in full swing, building fighter planes for the war effort. As the LIRR rules prevented steam engines from running tender first on the main line, the wye was essential for turning them for the westbound runs. The building was later used as a warehouse. 

Farmingdale wye - Coastal Distribution, LLC aerial 
Note: Abandoned ex-B&G Pickles/Republic siding prior to raze in 3/2013

Farmingdale-track-work_viewE_3-18-2013.jpg (46389 bytes)
Farmingdale track view E
NYA-Farmingdale-New-Highway-Map_3-20-2013_SRothaug.jpg (105744 bytes)
NYA Farmingdale at New Highway Map 3/20/2013 Note: Indicates previous razed B&G siding
West view Farmingdale wye.JPG (53511 bytes)
West view Farmingdale wye
Farmingdale-newswitch-viewW-fromNewHwy_03-23-13.jpg (75643 bytes)
Farmingdale new switch view W 
from New Hwy 3/23/2013
Coastal-Dist_Gate-west-leg-wye_viewNE_3-18-2013.jpg (46889 bytes)
Coastal Distribution gate west leg of wye view NE across New Hwy. 3-18-2013
Coastal-Distribution_viewS_3-18-2013.jpg (47600 bytes)
Coastal Distribution view S 3/23/2013
Farmingdale-track-work_viewW_3-18-2013.jpg (66817 bytes)
Farmingdale turnout ready for installation view W 3/23/2013
Farmingdale-concreteplant-viewW-fromNewHwy_03-23-13_closeup.jpg (61497 bytes)
Farmingdale concrete plant view W end of new sidings 3/23/20133
Coastal-Dist.-viewS_03-23-13.jpg (39520 bytes)
Coastal Distribution view S 3/23/2013
Farmingdale-wye-viewW_old-new-turnout-for-teamtrack_3-18-2013.jpg (53517 bytes)
Farmingdale wye view W the old and new turnout for the teamtrack 3/18/2013
Farmingdale-wye-viewW_new-siding_Coastal-Dist_3-18-2013.jpg (56382 bytes)
Farmingdale wye view W new siding for Coastal Distribution 3/18/2013
Switch-into-concrete-siding_viewE_03-23-13.jpg (58972 bytes)
Farmingdale switch into concrete siding view E  3/23/2013
Farmingdale-concreteplant-viewW-fromNewHwy_03-23-13.jpg (54056 bytes)
Farmingdale concrete plant view W from
New Hwy 3/23/2013
Farmingdale-concreteplant-offloadingsiteunderconstruction_viewW_03-23-13.jpg (69127 bytes)
Farmingdale concrete plant off loading site under construction view W  3/23/2013
Farmingdale-concreteplant-viewNW-fromNewHwy_03-23-13.jpg (53092 bytes)
Farmingdale concrete plant 
view NW  3/23/2013
Farmingdale-ex-BandG_viewE_03-23-13.jpg (59739 bytes)
Farmingdale ex-B&G Pickle Co. and Republic Warehouse view E  3/23/2013
Note: The previous razed siding loading docks.
All photo/information above Steven Rothaug, unless otherwise noted.

NYA RS51 Pinelawn Station  7/16/2022
New York and Atlanticís RS51 clears LAWN Interlocking with a nice looking three unit elephant style consist. The crew seen here makes the run around move at Costal Distribution LLC. The engineer will swap from the eastbound NYA 268, to NYA 300 to make the westbound trip to Fresh Pond Yard.  Info/Photo/Archive: Benjamin Lederer

NYAR RS51 #402 at Coastal 10/24/2023 Photo/Archive: Nicco Esposito

Wheelspur (LI City Terminal), Maspeth

Wheelspur view SE - 2020 Google Earth

Wheelspur view N aerial- 2023 Google maps

Wheelspur 53rd Ave., Maspeth
2023 Google Earth

LIRR 101 and GMTX 2127 - Wheelspur 1/30/2021 Photo/Archive: Rob Bellinger

Wheelspur New Haven Distribution - Healthy Brand  1/04/2021

Healthy is receiving tank cars of vegetable oil.
Healthy Brand Oil - Wheelspur 12/11/2023 Photo/Archive: Rob Bellinger

Blissville Yard, Maspeth

NYA #106 Blissville Yard 8/06/2004 Photo/Archive: Joe Tischner
NYA #106, #159 Blissville Yard View NW 9/06/2009 Photo/Archive: Dietrich Ryan

NYA #106, #159 under Greenpoint Ave. Blissville 9/06/2009 Photo/Archive: Dietrich Ryan

Blissville 10/30/2021 concrete pad pour in place.

A Waste Management shuttlewagon hauls a cut of empty trash containers from Bliss Yard towards the Review Avenue transfer facility along the Lower Montauk Line in Long Island City at Greenpoint Avenue.  5/02/2022 view N Photo/Archive: Greg Grice

Blissville - ZemRock sign View NW 5/13/2022

Blissville 5/13/2022

Blissville office - SOXX hoppers  5/13/2022

NYA freight departs Blissville Yard
View W 7/07/2024
Photo/Archive: Alexander Piechowski


Emery map - Haberman's Factory Crossing to Maspeth Ave., North Side of 56th Rd. 10/1958

The train photos below are in location "x" above.  Track configurations are different of course in 2009; the LIRR map is 1966.  Example: Sidings in blue are long gone, paved over. Info: Bernie Ente

SKY Materials stone facility is located south of Rust Street (56th Rd) and between
49th Street and Maspeth Ave.   Google aerial.

LIRR #154, #153 Maspeth 1/04/09 View N
Photo: Bernie Ente

LIRR #153, #154 Maspeth 1/04/09  View E
Photo: Bernie Ente
SKY Materials  2/12/2009 
Photo: John McCluskey

(1) In this eastbound view I am standing on the siding roadbed at 56th Road.  12/03/09
Photo: Bernie Ente

 (2) The cut track is the remaining segment of the lead to Nichol's Siding. 12/03/09
Photo: Bernie Ente

(3) Generator for conveyors
10/29/2009 Photo: John McCluskey

(4) GCCX #600217over the dump pit
10/29/2009 Photo: John McCluskey

(5) Transfer conveyor 
10/29/2009 Photo: John McCluskey

(6) Stock pile conveyor
10/29/2009 Photo: John McCluskey

SKY Materials - View W 12/03/2009

lirr271&156-RS60PineAire01-24-01williamSkeats.jpg (124194 bytes)
LIRR #271 & 156 1/24/2001 Pine Aire, Train RS60 Photo: William Skeats

NYA #151 and NYA #101 eastbound Smithtown  10/2001 Photo: John Volpi
NYA261-151PJeff02-04-06johnvolpi.jpg (78644 bytes)
NYA #261 & # 151 with the  Railbox car 
have been turned.  The train backs up to couple 
up to the remaining cars. 2/04/2006
Photo: John Volpi
pulvergasmikemcdermet.jpg (58500 bytes)
Pulver Gas Bridgehampton Plant & Fuel Station 
Sign c. 2006 Photo: Mike McDermet 
rs30_Amco-Plastics_01-15-2005.jpg (139176 bytes)
RS #303 Amco Plastics, Farmingdale 1/15/2005
nya151-RS40DeerPark03-01-07williamSkeats.jpg (57080 bytes)
NYA #151 Deer Park, Train RS40 done switching Southern Container and Tanger Outlets C&D-tree waste 03/01/2007 Photo: William J. Skeats
Islip3-16-2012glenjohnson.jpg (105409 bytes)
Islip westbound at ex-84 Lumber 3/16/2012 
Photo: Glen Johnson

NYA GP38-2 #268 - Train RS30 Bridgehampton - Pulver Gas View NE 1/26/2001 Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

Train RS30 is pulling empty tank cars from Pulver Gas on the North Freight track. 

  carfloat-278_14car-load_40min-trip_11-13-2014-Richard-Perry_NYTimes.jpg (43466 bytes)
Carfloat #278 with 14 car load, 40 min. trip 11/13/2014 Photo: Richard Perry -  NY Times
NYA-65th-St_Richard-Perry_NYTimes.jpg (52130 bytes)
NYA 65th St. View E 11/13/2014
Photo: Richard Perry -  NY Times

NYA_MP15AC's-151-155_American-Lumber_Holtsville_12-09-06_WilliamSkeats.jpg (173339 bytes)
NYA MP15ACs #151,155 American Lumber, Holtsville 12/09/2006 Photo: William Skeats
NYA_151_Paraco-Gas_Riverhead 12-14-06_WilliamSkeats.jpg (107146 bytes)
NYA #151 Paraco Gas, Riverhead 12/14/2006
Photo: William Skeats
Glenwood-Mason Supply-Co.-Glenwood_10-16-17_GregGrice.jpg (164071 bytes)
Glenwood Mason Supply Co., Glenwood 10/16/2017 Photo: Greg Grice
/Manhattan Beer Distributors_Ridgewood_08-12-17_GregGrice.jpg (100292 bytes)
Manhattan Beer Distributors, Ridgewood 8/12/2017 Photo: Greg Grice
270 & 155 picking up two empties Yongs Siding Southhold 8-24-2004 John Volpi.jpg (102253 bytes)
NYA #270, #155 picking up 2 empties at Yong's Siding, Southold 8/24/2004
Photo: John Volpi
NYA-PR20b-300-301_One-World-Recycling_2017_DanielForan.jpg (117310 bytes)
NYA PR20b #300-301 One World Recycling 2017
Photo: Daniel Foran
NYA_RS-20Bpair-no.300-301_Waste-Management-Brooklyn_12-31-2017_MarcGlucksman.jpg (123197 bytes)
NYA RS-20B #300-301 Waste Management, Brooklyn 12/31/2017 Photo: Marc Glucksman

Last moves of the year. The New York and Atlantic Railway RS-20 brought a cut of Waste Management refuse cars to Brooklyn, NY on Sunday, December 31, 2017. Progress Rail PR20B pair 300-301 are the newest engines on the NY&A and are a popular target when running together. Marc Glucksman


NYA-GP-38_no.271_RS-20_no.268_Manhattan-Beer-Distributors-Ridgewood_1-7-2018_MarcGlucksman.jpg (132254 bytes)
NYA GP-38 #271, RS-20 #268 at Manhattan Beer Distributors, Ridgewood 1/07/2018
Photo: Marc Glucksman

The MTA NYC Transit Bus Grand Ave. Depot in the background. NYA GP-38 #271 leads #268 as they shove back into the warehouse with loaded box cars. These units served passengers for over two decades on the MTA LIRR before accruing almost as much time on their present assignment in freight service. Marc Glucksman

NYA GP38-2 #271 - Train  RS61 Holbrook 11/08/2001 Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

The crew is heading back to Pine Aire after switching customers east of Ronkonkoma.

NYA GP38-2 #271 MP15AC #156
Train  RS60 Ronkonkoma View W 2/06/2001
Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

Possible Propane for Paraco in Riverhead.

NYA GP38-2 #261 - Train  RS60 Holtsville 12/15/2001 Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

The 261 is in the lead with 6 empties from Southern Container and MP15AC #156.

NYA_MP15AC-155-156_Bay-Ridge_1-14-2018_viewW_MarcGlucksman.jpg (119491 bytes)
NYA MP15AC #155-156 Bay Ridge 1/14/2018 View W Photo: Marc Glucksman

Float on! The car floats of the NYNJ RR at the Brooklyn Army Terminal serve as a modern to link to mostly forgotten form of transportation. Freight cars from Bayonne, NJ arrive by barge, and are mostly transferred to the New York and Atlantic Railway. On Sunday, January 14, 2018, the NY&A made an unusual Sunday 
daylight run down the Bay Ridge Branch to make an exchange of cars with MP15ACs #155-156.

NYA RS60 GP-38-2 #271 leaving Pine Aire 4/01/2002 Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

NYA GP-38-2 #271 Memorial scheme 11/03/2004  Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

NYA RS60 GP-38-2 #271-270 leaving Ronkonkoma Yard 3/23/2004 Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

NYA RS30 GP-38-2 #271 switching Best Lumber, Speonk Yard Track 7 1/08/2002
Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

NYA RS60 GP-38-2 #271-261 Central Islip
3/26/2003 Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

NYA RS60 GP-38-2 #271 Working Elm Freight,
Pine Aire 11/03/2004
Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

LIRR MP15AC #150 leads a welded rail train just east of Rosedale Station on the Atlantic Branch. The train spent the weekend dropping rail throughout the Atlantic Branch. 1/25/2020. Photo/Archive: Greg Grice

RS40 NYA #156 at B Tower with 19 cars for construction & demolition (C&D) waste loading at One World Recycling 5/04/2021  Photo/Archive: Dan Foran

RS41 NYA #156 heading back to Fresh Pond Yard from One World Recycling in North Lindenhurst on the Central Branch at DIVIDE. View SW 5/07/2021 Photo: Jeff Erlitz

RS40 NYA #156 One World Recycling 5/07/2021 Photo/Archive: Thomas Farmer

RS70/71 NYA #159 Yaphank - View W 5/09/2021 Photo/Archive: Craig Lignelli

RS70/71 NYA #159 Yaphank - View SE 5/09/2021 Photo/Archive: Craig Lignelli

RS70/71 NYA #159 Yaphank - View E 5/09/2021 Photo/Archive: Craig Lignelli

RS70 westbound at MP73.2 LD siding, Riverhead, waiting for Train 250 to pass before proceeding west to switch Paraco Gas 8/03/2021 Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran

MTA LIRR Train #6469 with Kawasaki M9 #9051 passes the Rail Train with LI #163 (MP15AC, 4/1977) near Bayside on Saturday, May 22, 2021. The rail train was dropping welded rail between Little Neck and Bayside as part of ongoing work projects on the Port Washington Branch. Photo/Archive: Marc Glucksman

RS71 NYA #156 hauling contaminated soil from Brookhaven National Lab to Fresh Pond.  Mineola 5/22/2021  Photo/Archive: Thomas Farmer

RS71 NYA #271 trailing 5/29/2021
Photo/Archive: Patrick Hines

They still had one extra centerbeam to drop off
at Roberts Plywood in Deer Park

Roberts Plywood - Deer Park

NYA #155, #151 Roberts Plywood, Deer Park  View NW 3/20/2022
Photo/Archive: Ronnie Schnepf

Roberts Plywood, Deer Park  2022 map Google

NYA #268, #261 spotting the TBOX boxcar
for Robert's Plywood.

NYA #270 switching Robert's Plywood 2005
Photo/Archive: William Skeats

NYA working Robert's Plywood 3/09/2010
Photo/Archive: William Skeats

ELM Global Logistics - Brentwood
Facility/Business - Warehousing and transload facility handles various commodities as a third-party logistics provider - Commodities - Food, Paper Products, Lumber and Panel Products

TBOX #642703 at ELM Global Logistics, Emjay Siding, Brentwood 1/29/2022 Photo/Archive: Benjamin Lederer

ELM Global Logistics, Emjay Blvd. siding, Brentwood  Google 2022

Medford Team Track

NYA GP38-2 #270 - Train  RS60 Medford 2/06/2003 Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

Switching Medford Team Track. Delivery for Triangle Lumber.


RS70/71 at Medford Team Track later to runaround at Yaphank 5/20/2021 Photo/Archive: Dan Foran

NYA #271, #268 Medford Team Track 3/27/2022 Photo/Archive: Benjamin Lederer

Medford Team Track - 2022 Google maps

Gershow Recycling

Medford  new siding at X. Google maps 2021

Gershow Recycling, Medford view W 2021 Photo/Archive: Gregory Nelson

Gershow new siding install  view E 12/2021

NYA RS70 #268, #261 Gershow Recycling 8/14/2022

NYA RS70 #268, #261 eastbound at Holbrook
NYA RS70 #268, #261 Gershow Recycling
aerial 8/14/2022 Photo/Archive: Craig Lignelli

NYAR RS70 job. The ex-LIRR E20's number 268 and 261 powered the 30 car freight where the crew will spot cars for Gershow Recycling and Brookhaven Rail terminal.  8/14/2022 
Photos/Archive: Benjamin Lederer


RS70 with a car for BlueLinx (old Georgia Pacific) and eight cars for Nicolia, Yaphank. The train featured an newly painted 60' boxcar owned and painted for Union Pacific. Power for the train was NYA 159-155.
Photo/Archive: Benjamin Lederer 8/29/2022

Nicolia Ready-Mix


Nicolia Ready-Mix, Yaphank, NY Google map 2023

NYA #156 Train RS91 westbound at MP29.10 Syosset 11/17/2021 Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz


NYA #156 reversing past MP59 to Nicolia Ready Mix to drop loads and pick up empties. 12/04/2021 Photo/Archive: Dan Foran

LI  freight via rail Looking to Expand 12/19/2021 NEWSDAY


 RS70 - Pine Aire Yard, out to YA siding (Yaphank) - 3/27/2022

After making the run around move at YA, the Geeps tie back onto their train to head west to Brookhaven Rail Terminal.


After arriving in the yard, the crew picks up a freshly painted yellow 60 foot TBOX boxcar for Roberts plywood and will shove the outbound cars from Brookhaven onto the former Pilgrim State Hospital track.

A nice surprise was to see a Pan Am Railways box car parked on the outbound track.

The Pan Am car was an interesting one since it still had its Boston & Maine reporting marks.

After clearing the pilgrim switch to the west end, the crew shoves the empties onto the siding.

NYA #271, #268 spotting the TBOX boxcar for
Robert's Plywood.

After spotting the boxcar, the crew makes its way back to the main through the valley of trailers. After they enter the main, they will continue west to Farmingdale to switch out Costal.
"Little Bit of Sun, Little Bit of Clouds"

Today's RS70 job, 3/27/2022, as the crew ran from Pine Aire Yard, out to YA siding (Yaphank) with cars in tow for Brookhaven Rail Terminal. Afterwards, the crew returned to the yard and headed west to switch out Robert's Plywood in Deer Park and Costal Distribution in Farmingdale.
Photos/Archive: Benjamin Lederer

Brookhaven Rail Terminal

More BRT

Brookhaven Terminal view SE Tuesday 9/27/2011 opening day. Photo: Al Murray

BRT GATX and JOGX leased hoppers waiting to be unloaded 10/25/2011 Photo: William Skeats

BRT  GP40 #1010 Wenner Bread Products
flour shipment 5/2012

BRT view E  c. 5/2013
Photo/Archive: RailNewYork

Shipments wait to be offloaded at the Brookhaven Rail Terminal. A deal signed with Home Depot will lead to a gain of 85 jobs, terminal officials said. Newsday: 3/26/2013  Photo credit: James Carbone

Brookhaven Rail Terminal
Newsday/Chris Ware 2014

Brookhaven Rail Terminal
Newsday/Chris Ware 2014

CIT EMD GP38-2 CIT #402 NYA #270 6/02/2021 Photo/Archive: Dan Foran

RS71 sand outbound freight KO 6/02/2021 Photo/Archive: Dan Foran Wednesday's NYA RS70/71 with two very unusually seen foreign visitors! Seen here on the consist returning from Brookhaven Rail Terminal was two Grand River Railway 3281 two bay hoppers.

RS71 passing through KO with CIT #402 sandwiched between NYA 159 and 270 sand outbound.  6/02/2021 Photo/Archive: Dan Foran


Eastern Wholesale Fence - Calverton

Eastern Fence receives plastic resin pellets

Eastern Wholesale Fence, Calverton 2022 map Google

NYA #156 - Eastern Fence view NW
12/05/2021 Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran

Calverton Runaround view W 12/05/2021 
Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran

NYA #156, #159 Eastern Fence 12/05/2021  Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran

NYA #159 - Eastern Fence view NW
12/05/2021 Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran

NYA RS70 reversing move on the Calverton Spur delivery to Eastern Fence 12/05/2021
Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran

NYA #151, #155 Burman Blvd., Calverton
3/21/2022  Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran

Calverton Runaround NYA #151, #155 View W 3/21/2022  Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran

NYA #155, #151 - View E Runaround Calverton 3/21/2022 Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran


Paraco Gas Riverhead view N 2017
Paraco-Gas_viewE_1-27-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (62376 bytes)
Paraco Gas view E 1/27/2017
Photo: Steve Rothaug
Paraco-Gas-Propane-Tanks_viewE_1-27-17_SteveRothaug.jpg (40953 bytes)
Paraco Gas propane tanks view E 1/27/2017
Photo: Steve Rothaug

Riverhead - Paraco Gas at MP71-72
NYA #261 train RS71  3/04/2019
Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats
Paraco has three spots for  LPG tank car unloading on their siding; located at 44 Kroemer Ave., Riverhead. The eight white tanks have a capacity of 30,000 gallons of propane, but are not filled all the way to allow for expansion. I was told they are filled with about 28,000 gallons. Info: Steve Rothaug

RS70 arrives at MP71 to switch out Paraco gas in Riverhead NY. After they cleared the Kromer Ave crossing, the engineer switched ends to the 261, got their new Form A card and Form K card from Divide and switched out Paraco gas. Paraco employees wasted no time unloading the tank cars once they were spotted in the siding. Photo/Archive: Benjamin Lederer

Calverton - After switching out Paraco Gas, 2/21/2022 RS71 makes it way back to Pine Aire Yard.  Photo/Archive: Benjamin Lederer

 RS71 with pickup of 3 empty center beams from Sherwood lumber on the way back. 2/21/2022
Photo/Archive: Benjamin Lederer

KO 11E is famous as the last manual block position light signal in the country. 2/21/2022
Photo/Archive: Benjamin Lederer

NYA RS60 The Pine Aire based freight has entered AH siding in Calverton waiting for the LIRR Train to Riverhead to pass. GP38-2ís leased from MTA to NYA in 1999. First green scheme #261, #268, and #270 were painted in 1999. #271 was painted in the memorial  scheme in 2001.  Calverton 9/13/2002
Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

NYAR RS60 travels from Pine Aire to Riverhead station.  At Riverhead, "LD" siding some yards east of the station, they run around the train and head west to work Paraco Gas for LPG tank car delivery, just west of Riverhead.  RS60's consist typically is 5 cars with 2 boxcars, for spacers, and 3 tank cars.  Occasionally, other cars are setout/picked up on the way back. RS60 makes frequent runs here or Yaphank "YA" with Calverton "AH" once or twice a month.  Nicco Esposito



RS71 Kleet Lumber - Huntington Station  - "Chasing the Freight"  3/24/2023

Friday, March 24th 2023: I noticed that the freight that serves my little village of Huntington was heading my way late this morning. As Iím sure you all know by now, there is one and only one freight customer left on the Port Jefferson Branch: Kleet Lumber on Park Avenue, Huntington (actually Huntington Station, a hamlet and census-designated place).   

I first headed out to East Northport to make sure that the freight had, indeed, got that far. They donít have to run around their train on the Northport siding but itís easy as it is fully interlocked (remote from Jamaica these days). They could run around at Greenlawn, one station east of Huntington, but that only has (shudder!) hand-operated switches. They also really canít run around at Huntington as there usually are too many trains sitting around.

In any case, the freight is now handled by the RS70-71 crew instead of the former RS40 crew as the New York & Atlantic seems to have a crew shortage these days. The freight waits in the siding for an eastbound and then a westbound passenger train to pass before heading back in to Huntington. (Kleet is a westward trailing point switch, hence the need to run around the train somewhere).   
Photos/Archive/Commentary: Jeff Erlitz


C3 #5020 (Kawasaki Rail Car, 3/1999)
DM30AC #520 (EMD, 9/1999, s/n 956623-21)
Train #653 (Port Jefferson-Huntington)
Northport station, East Northport - View east 3/24/2023 Consist: 5020+4084+4061-4016+520  1:02pm


Hereís the westbound passenger train coming into Northport station which, as I have mentioned previously, is actually in East Northport. The 1927 station building, one of the LIRR's many in the Dutch Colonial style, replaced the original 1874 building. It is still in use as such and, in fact, was rehabbed just a couple of years ago.  Map location no.1 above

NYA MP15AC 156 (EMD, 3/1977, s/n 766043-7)
NYA PR20B 300 (Progress Rail, 2/2016, s/n 20147068-1)
#RS71 (Northport-Fresh Pond Yard)
West of Greenlawn station, Greenlawn - View NE 1:18pm

Jamaica immediately gave the freight the lineup to follow 653, so I jumped into the car to get ahead of him, not a difficult task as the freight is limited to about 20 mph or so. Here he is, just west of Greenlawn station. Kleet usually gets four cars of lumber on each trip these days. I took this photo from the former high level platform of the Greenlawn freight house, long gone now. The building was last used, if Iím not mistaken, by Southdown Pet Products but even thatís going back 40 years now. In the past couple of months, the railroad has cleared out all of the brush/shrubbery along the right-of-way through here, much to the advantage of us photographers. It looks like the 156 just came out of the paint shop!

Map location no.2 above


Heading off towards Huntington, heís about to cross over Cuba Hill Road. Both ends of the former freight house siding are still connected though I have no idea why. The east end of this track also served as a team track back in the day. It still could be.

Map location no.3 above

By the time I got to Kleet Lumber, they had already dragged the empties off the siding and placed them on the main track.


Map location no.4 above

Although a main track switch in the electric zone, this switch is not electrically-locked. It does, of course, have a track circuit shunt/point detector.  The loads have been placed and the engines are coming back out onto the main.



Loads and empties, side by side. The Park Avenue grade crossing is in the distance, a very busy Suffolk County road. Also, the end of the South Siding Extension.

Park Avenue grade crossing looking east. The third rail ends 1000 feet of here, enough to turn a 12-car MU should the South Siding Extension be blocked for whatever reason.


The engines have coupled up to the empties and are charging up, a quick process with such a short train.


And off goes RS71, headed back to Fresh Pond Yard. In the distance is Huntington station, with an MU on the south (#2) track.


Kleet Lumber eastward facing point hand-operated switch 357W.


Kleet Lumber aerial view 2016

Kleet Lumber, Huntington Station - Google maps

Looking east inside Kleet Lumber. They actually have a switch-back, as you can see here. The lumber loads are wrapped/banded on center-beam bulk head flat cars.


The west end of the switch back, which they most certainly use. The rails end by that dark patch on the ground this side of that little truck.


NYA RS91 passing through Syosset after switching Kleet Lumber in Huntington. The 90-91 symbol designates an Extra crew, which has been running out of Fresh Pond all week. 4/20/2023


Info/Photo/Archive:  Daniel Foran

Velvetop - Islip

Islip Team Track for Velvetop unloading c.2000

GATX #19180 08/18/2008 CaCl2  for
 Velvetop Photos: Mike McDermet

GATX #19178  Islip team track for Velvetop
View NE 12/1997

ATW #8155 & KWT #42021
Velvetop freight loaded onto flatbed for delivery
8/09/2008 Photo: Mike McDermet

ATW #8155 & KWT #42021 view SW
off loading for Velvetop on pallets 8/09/2008
Photo: Mike McDermet

Dow Chemical (DOWX) Calcium Chloride Tank car view NW 3/31/2008 Team Track for Velvetop
Photo: Mike McDermet

TCIX 23041 12/16/09 Photo: Mike McDermet

Sellick SD80 Photo: Matthew Liegey 

Velvetop uses these pure clay bags in their blacktop products. I used to work at  84 Lumber, and occasionally we would help them out unloading boxcars if they had poor car positioning or having issues with their forklifts.

These bags were dangerously heavy for using their smaller lifts especially at that height, so one or two times we helped them out using our Sellick SD80 Forklift (example pictured left). It has an 8000 pound rating, but we used it for all sorts of stuff from moving our trucks around the yard to moving railcars!  The Sellick SD80  no issues with this due to its wide wheelbase and overkill size.

Those bags by the way are HEAAAVY! They have nylon loops at the top to put the forks through for lifting.
Matthew Liegey 


Liquid calcium chloride (CaCl2) is an
odorless, slightly alkaline, colorless fluid.

Calcium Chloride is used in various applications to retard cold weather hazards, including snow and ice control on roadways 

It is also used as an accelerator for ready-mix concrete curing, and as an anti-freeze for coal storage and transportation. Calcium Chloride also can be used as a roadbed stabilizer.


Another Mainline run for the RS40 crew brings them eastbound up the slight grade leaving FARM Interlocking. Seen to the left of the frame is the Village of Farmingdale's aging water tower. Instead of a $2 Million rehabilitation, the Village trustees voted to erect a new 500,000 gallon tank to replace it. Maintenance costs will now be much lower and the residents of Farmingdale Village will continue to have clean drinking water for years to come.  6/20/2022 Joseph Tischner

New York & Atlantic train RS-41 led by PR20B's 300 and 301 is westbound passing the now closed QUEENS Tower in Queens Village, NY. Control of the interlocking is now handled by the JCC in Jamaica. The PRR style position lights are also now gone and the interlocking was completely reconfigured as part of the new third track project. 6/2016
Photo/Archive/Info: John Krattinger





New York & Atlantic train RS41 heads westbound passing the closed QUEENS Tower, with a straight routing through the maze of switches making up QUEENS Interlocking. The signals in the background, as well as the ones at Queens Village are on borrowed time, so shoot them while you can. (9/19/2022) Info/Photo/Archive: Thomas Farmer


RS40 #268-300 entering DUKE Interlocking
8/03/2022  Photo/Archive: Patrick Hines
New York & Atlantic RS90 picking up cars in Maspeth by Metropolitan Ave
1/15/2023   Photos/Archive: Alex Piechowski

After bringing in 90 stone cars a few hours before sunrise, the Providence & Worchester power rests on the 6 interchange track in Fresh Pond. The crew will return the following evening to take empty stone cars back to Connecticut. 3/11/2023
Photo/Archive: Ben Lederer

NYA #300 train RS40 is seen rounding the curve about to pass over the Merritts Road crossing with 12 loaded stone cars and a lumber car bound for Pineaire yard. Centerbeam was for Marjam, stone was for Astro, and Roberts Plywood after stopping at Pine Aire. 1/22/2022
Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran

NYA MP15Ac #151 6/23/2021
Photo/Archive: Greg Grice
NYA "Visits Lady Liberty" on the afternoon of June 23rd, 2021. New York & Atlantic Railway MP15AC 151 is seen passing the Statue of Liberty and iconic Manhattan skyline as it traverses the New York Harbor on one of New York New Jersey Rail's car float barges. The locomotive is on its way to Metro East Industries in East St. Louis, Illinois for rebuild, upgrades and repaint.  New York New Jersey (NYNJ) Rail's Marine Rail Division serves as bridge route for freight rail traffic moving across the Hudson River between Greenville, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York. It is one of the last remaining car float operations in North America.  Greg Grice
NYA RS41 CIT #402 at School St., Westbury 11/12/2021 Photo/Archive: Chris Medina

NYA RS71 at YA 1/24/2022. The train will wait in the siding for about 40 minutes for LIRR train 250 to pass them. Once 250 passes and clears the MR Block Limit, they will take the main and head westbound. On the way back they will switch out Brookhaven Rail Terminal and pull cars from Sherwood Lumber before returning to Pine Aire Yard. Photo/Archive: Benjamin Lederer

Ronkonkoma RS71 4/11/2023
Photo/Archive: Thomas Farmer

Eastbound towards Jamaica, NYA GP38-2 #270 rolls past Forest Hills, having finished up a PTC testing assignment in HAROLD Interlocking. Even though NY&A serves customers in Long Island City, due to many factors, they never use the LIRRís Main Line to reach there, making this a very rare sight.  4/07/2023 Info/Photo/Archive: Thomas Farmer

RS-71  NYA #271-268 westbound from Brookhaven to Pine Aire Yard crossing Lowell Ave., Central Islip 1/11/2021
Photo/Archive: Timothy Hosey

NYA RS301 - NYAR-(LIRR) SW1001 #101, GATX GP38-2 #2200 eastbound at Manhattan Beer crossing Metropolitan Ave., Maspeth
View W  9/02/2023 Photo/Archive: Paul Pesante

The previous night was quite a dozy for the RS51 crew after
an open door dragging on one of the hopper cars. The problem was found on their move west in the town of Farmingdale forcing their train to come to a stop fouling multiple crossings throughout the town. Instead of continuing their journey east they ended up shoving their train back to PW, west of Pinelawn at MP31.8, where they left it for the next night. 9/19/2023     Photo/Archive: Daniel Foran

Fresh Pond Yard -  View E from Bridge #35 6/13/2003 Photo/Archive: Kevin Katta
Pine Aire - NYA Suffolk Yard - View E 9/2023 - Photo/Archive: Kevin Katta

NYA #159 eastbound on Montauk #2, Lower Montauk Branch, at the signal bridge waiting to enter Jay Interlocking.  On the right is Richmond Hill Storage Yard Track #1 and behind the train is the Morris Park Shops. 7/21/2020
Photo/Archive: Steve Torborg 

Run Through Freight. On the cold and snowy morning of January 7, 2018, New York & Atlantic Railways RS-20 heads across Flushing Avenue down the Bushwick Branch in Maspeth, New York with GP38-2 268 leading. At this unusually constructed location, the train heads through the Maspeth Industrial Center before crossing Flushing Avenue both at grade and on an overpass bridge before again heading down private right of way. NYA serves freight customers on a variety of MTA Long Island Rail Road lines in four counties. Some of these routes have active passenger train service, and others, like the Bushwick Branch, that have not seen passenger trains in a century.   Photo/Archive: River Rail Photo - Marc Glucksman

NYAR RS70 in Yaphank siding as of 12:09PM waiting to run around their train. They are waiting for the Greenport scoot. 11/16/2023
Photo/Archive: Nicco Esposito

 NYAR RS40 LHF with a 34 Car mix to Pilgrim
at Wyandanch. 1/18/2022.
Photo/Archive: Craig Lignelli

Honoring Our Veterans 20 Year decal
11162023 Photo/Archive: Dan Foran

NYA #159 hood with Honoring Our Veterans 20 Year decal 11/16/2023 Photo/Archive: Dan Foran

NYA #159 shoving into Pilgrim
Photo/Archive: Dan Foran

NYA #271 LHF as #261 had PTC issues Holbrook 11/14/2023 Photo/Archive: Dan Foran

NYA RS41 PR20B #301 GP38-2 #271 westbound at Cold Spring Harbor Hill
11/30/2023 Photo/Archive: John Krattinger

Engineer Al Raia #1 after 24 years at MP73 Riverhead
NYA #271 2 /07/2021
Photo/Archive: William Skeats

RS40 EMD 20Bís 301-300 dropping eight loaded stone hoppers at Hicksville Team Yard.
2/14/2024  Photo/Archive: William Skeats

Bay Ridge Freight In Daylight. New York & Atlantic Railways RS40 was returning from interchanging cars at the NYNJ Rail 65 Street Yard in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday, February 27, 2024 with GMTX 2200 (nťe-PC 7946, GP38-2, 5/1972) and NYA 101 (ex-LI 101, SW1001, 3/1977) leading 31 cars right next to the former BMT now MTA NYCT Subway N/Sea Beach Line Fort Hamilton Parkway Station. This is one of NYA's two interchanges with the National Network for freight. The proposed "Interborough Express" (formerly Triborough RX) would use this line which last saw passenger service in 1927, the Bay Ridge Branch, as part of its route.  Photo/Archive/Info: Marc Glucksman

RS41 NYA #300 Cuba Hill Rd., Greenlawn
View E 5/16/2024 Photo/Archive: Nicco Esposito

RS41 NYA #268 returning from DUKE with empty centerbeams passing HALL, Jamaica
6/25/2024 - Photo/Archive: Alex Piechowski

RS71 westbound passing KO 6/21/2024
Photo/Archive: Lester Zmudzinski

RS41 #300-268 holding outside 88th Street, Glendale crossing on the Lower Montauk while the conductor heads to inspect the rear -7/10/2024
Photo/Archive: Henry Johnson


GMTX #2127 transporting NYCT Subway HL001 NYNJ Rail Yard, Brooklyn

MTA NYCT Subway Receives A Hybrid Locomotive By Sea And Rail. On the July 3, 2024, NYNJ Rail, New York & Atlantic Railway, and Metropolitan Transportation Authority - MTA NYCT Subway coordinated the delivery of Wabtec WAB6HYB/R-255 HL001 from Greenville, New Jersey to Brooklyn, New York. The locomotive was loaded on the NYNJ 200 barge and powered across New York Harbor by McAllister Towing's 'Bruce McAllister'. After arrival in New York, it was unloaded by NYNJ Rail. New York & Atlantic Railway's RS-90 then transported the loco to the interchange at MTA NYCT Subway's Linden Shops, where a Division C crew brought the locomotive on to the property.

Because this kind of locomotive is not designed to work with standard consists, it is shipped on a 90-foot flat car, and will be moved to the track by crane. The Wabtec WAB6HYB/R-255 is a 675hp hybrid work locomotive designed for the demands and clearances of the New York City Subway system. The diesel engine charges the batteries, which will allow the locomotive to operate for 8 hours. This will allow a new generation of locos to pull work trains through the subway with a much lower level of emissions. MTA NYCT Subway presently rosters 90 diesel engines that operate on non-revenue work trains, and is adding this 25 unit order of R-255s as well as the 10 R-77Es under conversion to R-257s by CAD Railway Industries to increase the size and flexibility of the fleet.  Info/Photo/Archive: Marc Glucksman