Fresh Pond Junction  


FPmapNYA.jpg (96373 bytes)
NYA Fresh Pond Junction Map
Track Arrangements, names, interchange information, track names, track capacities, etc.

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Fresh Pond Block and Interlocking Station 2000
Info: G. Collara, Rendering: Steve Rothaug

Photo: Steve Lynch 6/2000 NW view
      After 1968 remodeling; POND and  yard office between the BMT and  NYCRR bridge.

NYA GP38-2 #268 rounding the east leg of the wye interchange curve between NYA and NYCRR tracks 
Photo: Steve Lynch 6/2000

Bridge #35 NYCRR/Conrail/CSX
overpass built by the Pennsylvania Steel Company of Steelton, PA 
for $84,000 in 1916

Photo: Steve Lynch 6/2000

More Action over at Fresh Pond
Photo: Bernard Ente

NYA and westbound LIRR Feb '01 Photo: Bernard Ente
NYA-Fresh-Pond-Aerial-Shot1_12-03.jpg (54969 bytes)
Aerial Shot 12/2003




East at Fresh Pond. CSX outbound upstairs and RS-70 switching-joetischner.jpg (120304 bytes)
East at Fresh Pond. CSX outbound upstairs and RS-70 switching
Photo: J
oe Tischner 07/2006