NYA Train Numbers  


RS30: Used to work Montauk including Bridgehampton,Islip, Sayville and the Central Branch. Hicksville Team Yard, and Port Jefferson Branch.

RS40: daytime job The Hauler from Pond to Pine Aire

RS50: job is cut    "...Possibly down to traffic decrease of 40%..." (NYA mechanic) 06/10/08

RS60: All work out of Pine Aire including some trips into Fresh Pond. 

When RS30 runs on the Port Jefferson Branch, they head to Huntington to Kleet Lumber and Nassau Suffolk Lumber, and they run around at Duke (Northport). They used to also head the full length to Port Jeff and switch Nassau Suffolk there. Upon return: RS31 westbound.

RS70: job is cut

RS80: is a night time job. They handle Coastal in Farmingdale, Combined Container and Amerigas in Wyandanch. This job covers the Central branch during the week at night also. 

RS100: 1900 hrs. M-F starts Fresh Pond-switches Long Island City and Maspeth. 

RS301: 0800 hrs. M-F Fresh Pond Yard job. 

RS302: 2000 hrs. M-F at Fresh Pond. Switches Bushwick and Bay Ridge Branches. 

This info from April Railpace. Courtesy: William Skeats

Even numbers are eastbound and odd westbound. This is the old LIRR way of numbering. Example RS60 eastbound to Riverhead. On return westbound towards Pine Aire its designation is RS61. All jobs can go anywhere Info: William Skeats