Brooklyn - Queens Industries served by the LIRR

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Emery Bushwick Branch composite map  11/1958

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LIRR 1966 Bushwick Branch composite map

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LIRR 1978 Bushwick Branch map

LIRR 1966 Track map - Maspeth

Albert Pipe/Tube Co. - Manufactured large pipes some 3-4 feet in diameter. Boxcars for wood, steel, hardware etc. Gondolas in and out with welded piping sections shipped on wooden forms.

Amstar Sugar (Domino) - Kent Ave.,  Brooklyn. Note: Note: Domino Sugar was at what would become News Point at the junction of Newtown Creek and the East River. The "Sugar House" was serviced by the B.E.D.T. who floated upriver, engine and all, from Kent Ave. Info: J. J. Earl

ArchBilt Container - Cardboard box manufacturer, large facility received boxcars loaded with large really large rolls of various types of paper, Tracks went along side of building with a dead end spur and a siding into a building where these rolls where unloaded by a forklift that had a long pole used to fit into the roll.

Atlas Terminals (Hemidinger Estates) Metropolitan Avenue 80th St to 88th St. industrial location, many sidings. Ended at Glendale Steel Warehouse structural steel.

Bohack Grocery- Huge multi building complex groceries, produce and meat. Boxcars, refers.

Austin Nichols -  56th St., Maspeth, they were a liquor warehouse for Wild Turkey and a bunch of other liquors and Scotch. 

Brooklyn Steel - Warehouse boxcars, flat cars, gondolas. Steel beams and structural steel.

Canada Dry -  Borden Avenue, Maspeth

Carl Ehmer Meats - Admiral Ave.  had a big company there in the late 60's early 70's.

Continental Can Company  - 56th Drive, Maspeth  and it was huge.

Eagle Coal  - Fresh Pond Rd. that was supplied by the LIRR Glendale Yard. 

Grace Chemical - Manufactured rolled plastic products. Covered hoppers and boxcars. Tank cars.

Hansel and Gretel 79th St off Metropolitan Meat processing company deli cold cuts. Never saw a train here but as I recall at its siding there was a sign that read something like "No Engines Past This Point"

Mack Truck  - Borden Avenue, Maspath.

Miron Lumber- flat cars, boxcars.

Republic Steel (Truscon) - boxcars, flat cars, gondolas. Steel beams and structural steel.

Rheingold And Schlitz Breweries - Evergreen Avenues

Web Offset - Flushing Ave and Wyckoff Ave. printing company. Printed magazines, church bulletins, porno you name it. Large facility, I think it was one building. Large presses. Received large rolls of paper.

built  - 54th St and Flushing appliance manufacturer large multi-building facility boxcars.

7 Santini Brothers - In the 70's they were building huge shipping crates for airplane parts for shipment overseas. Can't remember trains for sure, but I feel that they were shipped by flatcars or flatbed trucks.

This listing is not intended to be all inclusive, but based on working knowledge courtesy of: Dave Brinkmoeller