Kings Park      
kingparkstation.jpg (34057 bytes)
Photo: Fred Lindauer c.1980's view W

Kings Park Hospital Spur
Emery Map 9/1957
MP43-44kingsparkemery.jpg (85813 bytes)
MP43-44 Kings Park Emery Map 9/1957

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LIRR Track Map 6/1966 p.58

Station-Kings-Park-1-66.jpg (97085 bytes)
Station view NE 01/1966 
Notice the LIRR MOW truck in the right background.  It looks like an old REA truck, but it's got Dashing Dan in the round yellow circle.

Also. look behind the depot at the left.  There appears to be a hospital train laying up back there.
Archive: Dave Keller


H10s-113-Frt-BackingontoHospital Sidingbehind Sta-KingsPark-8-25-55.jpg (91837 bytes)
H10s #113 freight backing onto hospital siding behind Kings Park station 08/25/55 Archive: Dave Keller

lirr218_KingsParkMP34westbound.jpg (74152 bytes)
C424 #218 at MP34 westbound

Wreck-Train-4612-Kings-PK-2-16-47-4.jpg (147294 bytes)
Wreck  at Kings Park
06/16/47 This is an aerial view shortly after the wreck and was taken by a Daily News photographer. 
Tower-Fox-CTC-KingsPark-1969.jpg (62526 bytes)
“FOX”  CTC Cabin west of Kings Park
Photo: Dave Keller 1969


KPviewwestsiding.jpg (48602 bytes)
Indian Head Road view west C53 on the rear, 223 on the head end.
Photo: Mike Koehler c.1983
KingsParkfreight.jpg (47033 bytes)
Photo: Mike Koehler c.1983
C420_223KingsPark.jpg (75703 bytes)
C420 #223 "Smoking It Up" Photo: Mike Koehler c.1983
lirr228kingsparkhospitalspur_c.1985DaveFlynn.jpg (50330 bytes)
LIRR  #228 Kings Park State Hospital spur view taken from the hill south of Old Dock Road, looking N toward Patiky Street
 c. 1985  Photo: Dave Flynn

C420 #229 MP15AC #155 Caboose C55 06-10-85

C420 #223 at station