LIRR Modeling Articles

A small slice of the Big Apple Article by: Raymond O'Neill, Model Railroader April, 2019

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Scratchbuilding the South Farmingdale Shelter Article by: Guy Martin & James Van Tassell, Model Railroader April, 1963

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Montauk - A Terminal you can Model Article by:  Robert L. Havens, Model Railroader March, 1966 Page 52

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Scratchbuilding the Jamaica Depot Article by: Jerry Strangarity, RMC December 1993

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LIRR Alco-GE 100 ton Boxcab Switcher  #401 Article by: Tom Busack,  Model Railroader,  September 1981

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   The MDC Roundhouse 60 ton Boxcab LIRR #401 Switcher model 
   used as the basis for Tom Busack's Article above. 

LIRR Interlocking Tower- Locust Valley  Article by: Andrew Victors,  Model Railroader April 1999

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Modeling the Long Island's Cannon Ball  Article by: Doug Nelson, Model Railroader  October 2006

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LIRR RS1 Article by: Frank Cicero RMC Mar 1997

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Article by: Frank Cicero RMC Mar 1997
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LIRR SW1001 Article by: Frank Cicero  RMC May 1996 

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sw1001_page3.jpg (298059 bytes) sw1001_page4.jpg (306770 bytes) Article by: Frank Cicero  RMC May 1996

LIRR GP38-2  Article by: Frank Cicero  RMC Feb 1994

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Article by: Frank Cicero  RMC Feb 1994

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Parts List

No. 4612 Undecorated non-dyn. brake GP38-2
No. 42009 Blomberg B sideframes

No. 29200 Windshield Wipers

Detail Associates
No. AR 3201 Air reservior 15"
No. FU 3101 Fuel gauge EMD tank mount
No. LT 1024 Dual Pyle headlight vert./w shield
No. MU 1505 M.U. stand EMD single
No. MU 1508 M.U. air hoses
No. SY 2202 Grab irons
No. SY 2206 Eye bolts
No. SY 2212 Coupler lift bar
No. WR 2505 1" iron pipe
No. WR 2507 1 1/2" iron pipe
No. WR 2508 2" iron pipe
No. 11803 Sinclair radio antenna

Details West
No. AC 189 Anti climber EMD
No. AF 226 Salem air dryer filters
No. BE 127 Frame mount bell
No. BP 195 Pilor buffer plate
No. FF 139 Air filter set
No. FF 166 Fuel filter EMD hood
No. FF 150 CR snow plow
No. PL 205 Chessie snow plow
No. SL 172 Engine step lights
No. VE 122 Cab vents

Cannon & Company
No. FB-1901 AAF angled filter box
No. FS-1301 Inertial filter screens
No. TC-1501 Thinwall EMD cab kit

Cal Scale
No. 427 Nathan airhorn 5 chime

Kadee Quality Products
No. 5 Couplers
No. 26 Couplers

Precision Scale Co.
No. 39010 Fuel sight glass

Smokey Valley RR Products
No. 30 GP38-2 handrails and stanchions

Badger AccuFlex Paints
Santa Fe Yellow
Santa Fe Blue
Light Tuscan Oxide Red
Grimy Black
Engine Black

Foquil Paints
Platinum mist
Rail brown

Herald King Decals
No. DS-1 Black disiel nose strips

Microscale Decals
No. 87-759 Long Island Railroad

Misc. Items
1/16" brass tubing
.040" sheet styrene
.060" sheet styrene

LIRR Gondola 2751   Semaphore April 1993