"...The Tri-State Gateway"

  N E W  Y O R K  & W E S T E RN 

March 17, 2000: Well the boys in the paint shops are close to finishing the first NY&W leased coal hopper from the NYC. Of course the NY Central gang figured "Let's see how the Irish rookies over at the NY&W shops stencil this outside ribbed beast! Especially on Patty's Day. They should screw it up good!"

March 20, 2000: Well as you can imagine, the boss had to step in and finish the job as the first side shows evidence of the Holiday festivities. 17 (yipes) separate pieces per side later, we just finished with the Micro-Sol. Next time, management plans on a welded box car!

March 27, 2000: An AMB laserkit shed. Notched parts, clean as a whistle (they fall out), extra material for other projects with the glue backing, neat! Tools needed, straight edge, razor blade, nail file, white glue, and paint.

April 4, 2000: After numerous complaints from the shop steward down in the MOW shop area; the following structure was newly completed; adding to the comfort of all concerned. Any additional decorating ideas come to mind?

April 21, 2000: As part of the ongoing modernization of the NY&W, a recently arrived crated load of heavy machinery has arrived from up North; via the NYC. The left crate is an AMB laser kit and the right an older style block and stripwood model.

The problem here is I hope the road crews didn't move this load without any chocks and strapping in place or head's are gonna roll.

May 1, 2000: Finally, the first of the leased 2-8-0 ex-NYC Consolidations are re-lettered NY&W and are in revenue service. Here's a picture of #1147 already showing its age with road grime and scaling.

2-8-0.jpg (16095 bytes)

May 10, 2000: Here's another load of lumber from Brinkmoeller Wood Products, Mechanicsville, Upstate NY headed east for Bailey's Lumber Mill in Patchogue, NY via the LIRR. At least this time they nailed and banded this load properly.

June 21, 2000: This New York & Western boxcar recently returned, via the NYC 's PA&DB subdivision, seems to have traveled many a hard mile.

June 23, 2000: As the April 21 shipment of heavy machinery arrived in damaged condition; this time the supervisor made sure the boys loaded at right.

nycflat2.jpg (18414 bytes)

August 18, 2000: Finally, the leased NYC scale test car has arrived. An 80,000 lb beauty. The shop boys at the NYC had it a extra few days to stencil on the DO NOT HUMP. We don't have hump facilities on the NY&W; <G>

nycscale.jpg (10181 bytes)

April 1, 2001: Here are a pair of Alco growlers; LI #201 & #209 C420's in prototypical LIRR paint and numbers.

lirr209.jpg (75417 bytes)

April 5, 2001: Accurail's Outside Braced LIRR #4050 boxcar makes a nice prototype addition.

lirr4050.jpg (61717 bytes)

April 19, 2001: Ex-CNW LI #4118 Ore Jenny (MDC) now serving time hauling East River Tunnel project bedrock rock blast nitely out to Prima Rock in Holtsville, NY.

lirr4156.jpg (17822 bytes)

September 11, 2001: A few of the local trucks spotted along the way:

cabover.jpg (14472 bytes)
KW 1952 Cabover

halfton.jpg (18739 bytes)
Ex-US Army 2 1/2 ton

Ex-REA Flatbed

September 27, 2001: Ex-UP Plymouth Switcher NY&W #35 all dressed up and ready to go! USRA safety glass, MU hoses, radio, new Leslie horn and bell, with white safety zebra stripes and handrails complete the upgrade. Seen here on the NY&W diesel MOW rack. Operation: 1.3mph, not bad for a 40 year old beast.

October 15, 2001: Seems Jake, the switchman, has a tight squeeze between the NYC boxcar and the ole narrow guage passenger platform over at Hobo Junction.

siding1.jpg (44422 bytes)

November 21, 2001: Rosenwach Tank Co. wooden scratchbuilt water tank ready for use. For more details on how they work, click on the diagram. 

watertankinfo.gif (13380 bytes)

tank2.jpg (19958 bytes)

December 5, 2001: Week's Coal & Wood, Patchogue, NY has just moved into their new office building. The 600 sq.ft. lease was very reasonable!

office.jpg (50314 bytes)

December 15, 2001: VJ Auto Body, Islip, NY finally received the new 1952 bullnose KW wrecker.

December 26, 2001: Colonial Garrison House:
"The origins of the colonial garrison home can be traced back to England. Originally this style of house was called a two-story English overhang - because the second story "hangs out" over the first. Versions of this type of house in America date back to the days of the thirteen colonies. This style of house is still commonly built today. These houses can be found in several areas of the country but are generally more common in the Northeastern United States" Kit from Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains: http://www.besttrains.com/

garrison.jpg (19686 bytes)

January 7, 2002: Ex-Ma's Place:
The origin of Ma's Place is perhaps a small goods store, tavern, or even an early coffee shop located across from the railroad yard over in Patchogue, NY. A few renovations have occurred in the last 100 years including a new addition with basement, replacement porch, roof and windows, and the tearing down of the old living quarters to the right of the office/store.

exmaplace.jpg (18983 bytes)

January 10, 2002: MOW Storage Shed:
Not quite complete, as the stove needs installation, this retired wood sheathed boxcar gets "a new lease on life" as a MOW storage shed. Perhaps the last time you'll see this area as neat!

    shedplan.jpg (67597 bytes)
Here's the full size HO plan Click to open

freight.jpg (36045 bytes)

March 23, 2002: TiO2 Tank Car:
New Jersey Zinc Titanium Oxide car perhaps on its way to Sherman Williams Paint. TiO2 is a major component in white pigment.
March 23, 2002: NY&W S1 Outshopped:  Alco S1 #582 fresh from the paint shops after delivery from the parent NYC Selkirk yard. 

May 25, 2002: LIRR S1 # 423: Alco S1 #423 working the Plywood Branch spots a boxcar on the local team track.

August 26, 2002: Rahway Valley - Aldene, NJ: With the 100 year lease of RV facilities, NY&W re-opens Aldene station after a 30 year hiatus.


November 5, 2002: Seems a railfan has caught the MSK Railroad local peddler #40 as it arrives in Northport. NY&W boxcar #1948 is waiting to be switched into the Connery Comstock Plant. It is spotted near the Bear Thread Company as the Comstock siding is full.  bear thread.jpg (77090 bytes)

MSK local arrival
comstock.jpg (74373 bytes)

Action at Comstock

Spotted at Bear Thread

June 6, 2005: GN 12005 is being switched by the local. The plug sliding door combination provided a wider door opening coupled with the structural strength of the plug door for grain shipments for example.
September 22, 2008: NY&W caboose #58 N5 leased from PRR. ny&wcab.jpg (11565 bytes)