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Gabon Scott #992c - LIRR M1
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Martha Washington 1938 - 1 1/2˘ (Scott #805) Patchogue precancel
Patchogue-pre-cancel-Scott-632.jpg (27688 bytes)
Ben Franklin 1938 - 1˘ (Scott #632) Patchogue precancel

US National Defense Issue  - Liberty 1˘ 1940
(Scott #899) Patchogue precancel
A precanceled stamp, or precancel for short, is a postage stamp that has been cancelled before being affixed to mail. Precanceled stamps are typically used by mass mailers, who can save the postal system time and effort by prearranging to use the precancels, and delivering the stamped mail ready for sorting.
Franklin-Scott-374-1cent-perfin_LIRR_6-18-1913.jpg (42704 bytes)
Franklin 1˘ Scott #374 6/18/1913
Washington-2cent-perfin_LIRR_7-18-1913.jpg (95445 bytes)
Washington 2˘ 7/18/1913 LIRR Perfin
lirr-perfin-2cent-Washington.jpg (26894 bytes)lirr-perfin-2cent-Washington-back.jpg (16825 bytes)
Washington 2˘ c.1915 LIRR Perfin
A perfin, 'perforated initials', is a postage stamp that has had initials or a name perforated across it to discourage theft, authorized for use in the United States on May 8, 1908.   
LIRR Interesting Stamp Covers 

LIRR cancellation: July 31, 1858+  cut-square Scott 26-Type III   3˘ Washington TYPE III (#26) Issued: September 14, 1857
has outer vertical frame line on both sides which are not broken between stamps.

LIRR-RPO_3-cent_Scott 25,26,26A-series-1857-61_12-17-xxxx.jpg (52971 bytes)LIRR RPO 1863+

Cover with 3˘ Scott 25,26,26A series of 1857-61 Cancellation is: LONG ISLAND R. R. with DEC 17.  Postal rates in effect at the time: March 3, 1863 .06 first ounce (.03 for 1⁄2 oz)

This is Towle No. 112-B-x used primarily in the 1850s-60's and a very early LIRR cancellation.
I would date this cover as Dec 17th, 1863+ as the rate changed to 4˘ October 1, 1883.

Note: Roughly .30˘ in 2018 to send. But, what buying power in the Civil War era!



1883_LIRR-Secretary-Addressed-Envelope_Scott-U277.jpg (52830 bytes) 2˘ usage rate 1883 stamped envelope Scott #U277  Addressed Envelope to: Secretary LIRR

LIRR-Claim-Dept_7-18-1913.jpg (74955 bytes)LIRR Claim Department envelopes 

Cover with 2˘ Washington LIRR perfin stamp cancelled July 18, 1913 
Notation: 'Called & wrote Mrs. J on 8th August 1913'

LIRR-Montauk-Steamboat-Co._Scott-UX27-Postal-Card-front_Form-376_Claim-Received_NY-Penn_Terminal-Station_postmarked_7-19-1915.jpg (29091 bytes)








LIRR-Montauk-Steamboat-Co._Scott-UX27-Postal-Card-reverse_Form-376_Claim-Received.jpg (35329 bytes)

LIRR Claim Received Postal Card Notice 

Scott UX27 Postal Card front: Cancellation: NY Penn Terminal Station 7/19/1915







Scott UX27 Postal Card back: LIRR -The Montauk Steamboat Company.
Claim for $3.13 "alleged loss of feed" recorded on 7/17/1915
Note: Roughly $70.00  in 2018.

3˘ usage rate 9/16/1933 


       LIRR Important Freight Arrival Notice envelopes  

Perfin PRR. highlight.jpg (41390 bytes)Cover with 2˘ John Adams (Scott #806) PRR perfin stamp used by the LIRR to advise of freight arrival. Interesting as the first class letter rate from 1932 forward was 3˘. The 2˘ rate would apply when the letters were sent unsealed  3/11/1941

Sent from L.I. City to the Fasoline Monument Co, Woodside, NY. As this consignee had no LIRR freight siding location, it would have been a shipment delivery pick-up at a near by team track.



Another example of the 2˘ usage rate 4/5/1940






New York World's Fair - R.P.O., First Day of Issue, and  World's Fair Station Cancellation

The New York World’s Fair, featured on U.S. #853, was the largest World’s Fair ever. The stamp showcases the “Trylon” and “Perisphere,” two of the most famous images of the Fair. Over 44 million people attended the fair.

The Trylon was a 700-foot-tall spire that was connected to the Perisphere – a sphere with a diameter of 180 feet. Their images were issued on U.S. #853 on April 1, 1939, but were open to the public later that month at the Grand Opening held on April 30. The Perisphere housed a “world of tomorrow” model city that could be viewed by visitors on a moving walkway.

On April 30, 1939, a very hot Sunday, the fair had its grand opening, with 206,000 people in attendance. The April 30 date coincided with the 150th anniversary of George Washington's inauguration as President in New York City.  Scott #854

Mr. Hyde used this Washington 3˘ pre-stamped envelope (sold until 1932), added the World’s Fair stamp for the postmark at 9:00AM at World’s Fair Station.

Then crossed out the Fair Station address, went and purchased/added the 150th anniversary of George Washington's Inauguration as President in New York City first day of issue stamp with the 11:00AM R.P.O. post mark and RMS (Railway Mail Service) “killer cancel” as utilized for RPO mail for forwarding to his Plainfield, NJ home.

Of course, when applying the additional 3˘ 1939 World's Fair Trylon-Perisphere stamp, it was already in excess rate; referred to as "Philatelic”, not postal use to transport “real” letter correspondence. Likewise with the addition of the 3˘ Washington stamp.

However, this might be a very rare cover ( how many stamp collectors knew this AND took the time/travel/cost to do this) with both stamps bearing legit postmarks at this location: as the first day the Fair (FAIR Station, also) could cancel this stamp AND utilize the Inauguration of Washington 3˘ first day AND it is a R.P.O…

Camp Upton, Yaphank, NY Covers

Cover_Camp-Upton-Bermuda_passed-censor_12-22-1917.jpg (104326 bytes)Cover_Camp-Upton-Bermuda_passed-censor_12-22-1917-reverse.jpg (82179 bytes) Camp-Upton-postmarks.jpg (145418 bytes)
Camp Upton postmarks - Upton Branch  Brooklyn, NY
November 2, 1917 - July 1, 1919  First Class War Years rate increased from 2˘ to 3˘. 3˘ + 2˘ for the rate to Bermuda (above)

Post card increased form 1˘ to 2˘ (right)

Headquarters-Gen-Bell_Camp-Upton_censored-post-card_8-1918.jpg (118003 bytes)Headquarters-Gen-Bell_Camp-Upton_censored_8-1918.jpg (78358 bytes)





Camp Upton Headquarters -  General Bell censored post card 8/1918

Camp-Upton-Postmark_2-13-1942_Scott901-Natl-Defense-1940_eBay.jpg (57010 bytes)
Camp Upton, NY postmark 2/13/1942 - Scott #901 National Defense 1940
OPC-1943-Camp-Upton-NY-1222-RC-3rd-RS-to-NY-Soldier-Free-Mail.jpg (71508 bytes)
Camp Upton, NY postmark 4/3/1943- From 1222 RC 3rd RS - Soldier Free Mail (Franking)

LIRR Commemorative Covers

LIRR_RPO-Tr27-100thAnniversayCover-4-24-34.jpg (116325 bytes)
100th Anniversary cover of the Long Island Rail Road 1834-1934, RPO postmarked on the exact 100th anniversary date of the LIRR’s charter of 4/24/1834, on board westbound Montauk train #27 (Dave Keller archive)   Open letter postal card rate of 2˘ in effect (above) and 3˘ first class letter rate (below).
800px-Long_Island_Railroad_100th_Anniversary_cover_1934.jpg (148551 bytes)

LIRR cover 100th years 09-37-1934.jpg (40644 bytes)
LIRR 100th Year Anniversary of  the LIRR 1834-1934 
Jamaica, NY  9/371934

lirr100yearsporwash06-27-98.jpg (132037 bytes)
LIRR 100th Anniversary service to Port Washington with insert 06-27-98
Collection" Dave Morrison
port-washington-branch-history_6-27-98_100year-history-insert_davemorrison.jpg (175381 bytes)

lirr100campwyckoff09-19-98.jpg (81973 bytes)
LIRR 100th Anniversary Rough Riders Montauk encampment Camp Wyckoff 09-19-98

lirr125yearsportjeff.jpg (93224 bytes)
LIRR First train 01/13/1873 125 years service
 to Port Jefferson. Cover 01/13/1998

lirr-rp04209riverhead08-28-99.jpg (77780 bytes)
LIRR RPO #4209 Riverhead 08-28-99

OBayhistoric07-06-05.jpg (46681 bytes)
Oyster Bay Station placed on National Register of Historic Places, 7/06/2005

lastLIRR_ RPO10th Anniv.jpg (85585 bytes)
Last LIRR RPO leaving Greenport via Main line 10th Anniversary 6/18/1975 
Collection: Dave Morrison

Penn-Station-75th-Anniversary_9-20-1985.jpg (50235 bytes)
75th Anniversary Penn Station, NY City 9/20/1985

This philatelic cover commemorates the 75th Anniversary of Penn Station, New York, first opened November 27, 1910. The original station was demolished October 28, 1963. The new and current Penn Station is completely underground, and sits below Madison Square Garden, 33rd Street, and Two Penn Plaza. It is owned by Amtrak and is the main New York City station for the Long Island Railroad (LIRR), New Jersey Transit, and, of course, Amtrak. It also has MTA stations for both the 7th Ave Subway (1, 2, and 3 trains) and the 8th Ave Subway (A, C, and E trains).

This #6 unaddressed cover has a silk cachet by Colorano honoring both Penn Station and the ASDA 1985 Stamp Festival held above the station in Madison Square Garden. It has five U.S. stamps with a railway motif totaling the 22˘ postage rate in 1985. The pictorial cancel of Sep 20, 1985 notes the anniversary of Penn Station and the ASDA Stamp Festival. The back of the envelope has a red rubber stamp for Stamp Festival '85 and a blue rubber stamp for the U.N. Postal Administration.


PRRstationNYC-Anniv100yearsDaveMorrison11272010.jpg (22034 bytes)
100th Anniversary PRR Station, NY City 10/27/2010 
Collection: Dave Morrison

PRRstationAniv100years11-27-2010.jpg (51131 bytes)
Stamp/postmark 100th Anniversary PRR Station, NY City 10/27/2010 
Collection: Dave Morrison

100thAnniv1stTrainPRRStation NYCity10-27-2010.jpg (84499 bytes)
100th Anniversary First Train leaving PRR Station NY City 10/27/2010 
Collection: Dave Morrison

Port-Washington-Station-Centennial-Cover_6-27-1998.jpg (98073 bytes)
Port Washington Station Centennial Cover 6/27/1998

LIRR Steam History Covers

LIRR 130th year Greenport07-27-1974_BradPhillips.jpg (69178 bytes)
LIRR 130th year Anniversary trains to Greenport 
Greenport, NY 7/27/1974 Archive: Brad Phillips

LIRR-150th-09-16-84DeerPArk.jpg (22400 bytes)
LIRR 150th Anniversary of Steam 9/16/1984 Deer Park, NY

LIRR cover salutes RRengineers 08-26-2000.jpg (45461 bytes)
LIRR Riverhead Railroad Festival salutes RR Engineers 
Riverhead, NY 8/26/2000

LIRR cover 50th End of Steam10-08-2005 .jpg (48645 bytes)
LIRR 50th Anniversary End of Steam
Hicksville, NY  10/082005

John Bull cover.jpg (56875 bytes)
John Bull Replica Dedication 
Hicksville, NY  5/07/2008

175th-Anniv-LIRR-Ariel.jpg (38478 bytes)
LIRR 175th Anniversary - Ariel 4/24/2009

LIRR Stampless Covers

The five- and ten-cent stamps of 1847 were the first adhesive postage stamps authorized for issue by the U.S. Post Office Department, in response to a law passed on March 3, 1847. 

The requirement to prepay the postage was not part of this new law, and many letters were sent as they always had been, without stamps, as in the example below on April 21, 1850. 

It was expected that the person who received the letter would pay the fee. It must be pointed out that a great many of the letters of the day were sent stampless, that is without pre-payment until the 1855 requirement that all letters be prepaid. 
Excerpt: "The First Regularly Issued Postage Stamps of the United States"  article by Bob Allen

LIRR-stampless-cover-front_7-8-1830.jpg (41721 bytes) LIRR-stampless-cover-reverse_7-8-1830.jpg (35864 bytes)
Cover cancel 7/08/1830 Southold, NY to Hartford, CT
Rate paid of 9˘ Note: Approx: $2.45 per inflation 2018.


EarlyBarrelCancel1846SagHarbor-Brooklyn.jpg (65883 bytes)
Cover cancel 1846 Sag Harbor to Brooklyn, NY
Note: First US postage stamp issue 7/4/1847

LIRR_stampless-letter_7-21-1850_postmark7-26-1850.jpg (221803 bytes)

LIRR_stampless-letter_outside_LIRR-postmark_7-26-1850.jpg (107291 bytes)
Exterior of letter folded over into an envelope
Letter inside (left)

Larger view of the postmark with the handwritten date. July 26, 1850

LIRR stampless cover with brown ink circular hand stamp L. I. RAIL ROAD postmarked 7/26/1850. 

LIRR RPO Cancellations

Greenport_New-York-RPO_11-3-1894_Train-22.jpg (61563 bytes)
Greenport to New York  - RPO 11/03/1894  Train #22

Greenport-Patchogue-RPO_3-15-1905.jpg (86833 bytes)
Greenport RPO to Patchogue US Scott UX18 postal card  3/15/1905
1902-18 ISSUES UX18 1˘ William McKinley, Oval

RPO-Oyster-Bay_10-25-1912.jpg (110100 bytes)
Oyster Bay to LI City  RPO postal card  10/25/1912

OysterBay&LICTrain533RPOcancellation.jpg (74074 bytes)
Oyster Bay to LI City Train #533 RPO 09/01/1909 Archive: Steven M. Swirsky

Montauk-NYTrain79RPOcancellation-1910.jpg (92290 bytes)
Montauk to NY Train #79 RPO 1910
LIRR-RPO-Cancellation-Greenport-NY-01-05-1911-Train211.jpg (43654 bytes)
Greenport to NY 01/05/1911 -Train #211 Collection: Dave Keller

Montauk-NY-RPO_Scott-UX24-McKinley-Postal-Card_3-14-1914.jpg (63778 bytes)
Montauk to NY RPO Scott UX24 McKinley Postal Card 3/14/1914

Greenport-NY-RPO_Scott-UX27-Postal-Card_9-01-1915.jpg (56231 bytes)
Greenport to NY RPO Scott UX27 Postal Card 9/01/1915

Wfair-RPO-NYCity1939.jpg (54469 bytes)
NY World's Fair First Day cancellation RPO "RAILWAY MAIL SERVICE" cancellation 04/30/1939

Oyster-Bay-NY-RPO_Scott-UX27-Postal-Card_12-27-1940.jpg (64436 bytes)
Oyster Bay to NY  RPO Scott UX27 1˘ Postal Card 12/17/1940


Port-Jefferson-NY-RPO_Train-1649_Scott-UY7-reply-postal-card-1cent_11-27-1947.jpg (79601 bytes)
Port Jefferson to NY RPO Train #1649 
Scott UY7 1˘ postal reply card  11/27/1947

RPOcarlastday10-27-40WorldsFairNY.jpg (101493 bytes)
RPO Exhibit Car last day 10/27/1940 NY World's Fair Collection: Dave Keller

RPO Cancellation-NY Worlds Fair10-12-1939.jpg (165902 bytes)
RPO Cancellation NY Worlds Fair 10-12-1939
Collection: Dave Keller

RPOCancellation-Montauk.jpg (26599 bytes)
Montauk to NY RPO 09/27/1940

Montauk-Greenport-RPO_4-25-1952 huneke.jpg (36721 bytes)
Montauk to Greenport RPO 4/25/1952 Archive: Art Huneke

Port-Jefferson-NY-RPO_Train623_Train648_2-9-1952_cover.jpg (73071 bytes)
Port Jefferson to NY RPO Train #623 and Train #648 philatelic "Hand Back" cover  2/09/1952
RPO_Montauk-NY-Train37_6-18-65(LastMailRunOnLIRR).jpg (75298 bytes)
Montauk to NY RPO Train #37 6-18-65 Last Mail Run on the LIRR Archive: Dave Keller
The hand stamped cancellations are very nice as it was a "hand back" over the counter to the customer.  LIRR ETT No. 19, Sep 17, 1950 indicates as follows:
Train 623, leaves Port Jeff 8:00 AM daily
Train 648, leaves NY 4:31 PM daily, except Sunday   Research: John Fusto

Train 623 was the westbound to NY handed back to him, returning on a later afternoon train eastbound Train 648 and then delivered through the postal system to his address in PA. Note: You can see the font for the train numbers differ between the two cancellations AND Train 648 is upside down! As for direction: rule of thumb has ALWAYS been evens/eastbound, odds/westbound. Research: Dave Keller 

Note: Jan 1st, 1952 post card rate (unsealed 1st Class) was 2˘.  Research: Steve Lynch

RPO_Montauk-NY-Train32_6-30-64.jpg (68691 bytes)
Montauk & NY RPO Train #32 -30-64 
Collection: Dave Keller

RPO_ PtJeff-NY-Train610_7-01-64.jpg (50677 bytes)
Port Jefferson & NY Train #610  RPO 7-01-64
Collection: Dave Keller

RPO_PtJeff-NY-Train645_7-01-64.jpg (45702 bytes)
Port Jefferson & NY Train #645  RPO 7-01-64
Collection: Dave Keller

RPO_Greenport-NY-Train-211_06-18-65.jpg (74055 bytes)
Greenport & NY Train #211 RPO 6-18-65
Collection: Dave Keller

Last day of RPO Service

Last day of RPO Service: Montauk & NY RPO cancel - Train #32  6/18/1965