LIRR Christmas

LIRR Getaways - Miracle on 34th Street 12/2019

LIRR 10 trip ticket Christmas poster   c.1970

Steven Lynch's LIRR Christmas Cards 
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Christmas Recollections of the LIRR

Bob Anderson -  c. early 1960's 6-8 years old

"...Brings back lots of memories. I went to sacred heart school in Bayside, and we helped decorate bayside station in the early sixties. I remember another tradition was Christmas carolers at Bayside station every year. It was like a scene out of "It's a Wonderful Life"; man I miss those days..."

Pat Scopelliti -   c.1958 10 years old

"...I remember the Christmas nativity scene setup at Hall Tower, especially on a snowy evening with the flames from the turnout points softly glowing. Can't see that anymore... and that's good? I also remember the Christmas decoration contests between all the stations. Can't do that stuff anymore either I imagine..."

The Man Who Made the Trains Run: Harry Glueck

"...Dad hated the snow.  I can’t remember how many Christmas and post-Christmas storms he worked 72 hours straight, with little or no sleep, either in Jamaica or in Hicksville.  Some trackmen wouldn’t pick up the phone when they were needed, others were true “railroad men” who like my father, came out and slugged away in the cold, thawing switches, digging out drainage conduits, and doing what needed to be done.  Until the seventeenth year of his retirement, when he succumbed to lung cancer, he still hated snow, although in the end, he rode his own Kubota tractor to clear his one driveway, and there was some satisfaction in that..." Author: Richard Glueck   Excerpt

Sta-Xing-Shanty-GreenptAve-Blssvlle-12-70GeorgeBasch.jpg (51138 bytes)Crossing Watchman George Basch protects the Greenpoint Avenue crossing in Blissville, LI City, NY on Christmas Day 1970, shortly before his retirement the following year. Shown here is one of the “newer” sheet metal crossing shanties that replaced a number of the older, wooden ones. Photo: Dave Keller

GP38-2_264ChristmasDay1998PortJeffersonYard..jpg (93217 bytes)
LIRR GP38-2 #264 Christmas Day 1998
Port Jefferson Yard
Alco619ChristmasDay1998PortJeffYard.jpg (105130 bytes)
Alco #619 Christmas Day 1998 Port Jefferson Yard
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NYA #66 ex-LIRR Christmas caboose at Fresh Pond 12/1998

LIRR Sunrise Special Christmas Card sold by National Railway Museum. Artwork  by David Tutwiler 

NYA #62 ex-LIRR Christmas caboose at Fresh Pond
12/1999 Photo: George Greig

Happy Holidays 2020 - LIRR Merrick Station

LIRR #409 Train #562 eastbound at NASSAU Tower 12/24/2019 Photo/Archive: Joe Vila


Jamaica Station Christmas 1953
Archive: Dave Morrison

Christmas 1963 at HALL Tower, Jamaica
Archive: Ron Ziel


LIRailroader 12/26/1968 cover HALL Tower Archive: Dave Morrison

Special Services Director, Steve Anglin as Santa Claus Christmas Party
eastbound to Babylon  12/12/1965

Islip Station Christmas - View NW
12/1971 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

Hicksville Station Christmas 1961

NASSAU Tower Santa c.12/1993+
Photo/Archive: James Donohue


Malverne Station Christmas 2003
View W, View N below

Inwood Station sign Christmas 2004

LONG ISLAND Railroader Christmas Covers 1956-1968
Archive: Dave Morrison

LIRR Information Bulletin 12/1928
Archive: Dave Morrison
lirr-Holiday-Express_Ronkonkoma-Penn-Station_12-03-2016.jpg (121908 bytes)
LIRR "Holiday Express" from Ronkonkoma to Penn Station Ad  12/03/2016
Holiday Express_12-03-16.jpg (128799 bytes)
Holiday Express 12/03/2016
Holiday Express-Santa_12-03-16.jpg (92915 bytes)
Santa boarding the Holiday Express 12/03/2016

Holiday Express Farmingdale view E 12/03/2016


Santa "Thumbs Up"  Holiday Express 12/03/2016
holidayexpresswebbanner2017.jpg (117416 bytes)
Holiday Express - LIRR ad banner 2017


Holiday-Express_2017_Route-Main-Line.jpg (65152 bytes)
Limited Engagement Saturday, December 16th @9:35 AM
(non-stop from Ronkonkoma Station to Penn Station) 
Holiday-Express_2017_Route-Montauk-Branch.jpg (60018 bytes)
Sunday, December 17th @ 9:50 AM
(non-stop from Babylon Station to Penn Station) 
LIRR_Holiday-Express_Floral Park, NY 12-16-2017_MarcGlucksman.jpg (82241 bytes)
Holiday Express at Floral Park 12/16/2017 Photo: Marc Glucksman
Penn Station, New York on Sunday, December 17, 2017, marc glucksman.jpg (96172 bytes)
Penn Station, NY 12/17/2017 Photo: Marc Glucksman
521_Holiday-Express_2017_JStroop.jpg (51134 bytes)
#521 Holiday Express 2017 Archive: J. Stroop
Holiday-Express_Babylon_12-17-2017.jpg (42151 bytes)
Holiday Express at Babylon - 12/17/2017
NASSAU-Tower_Holiday-Express_2017_JStroop.jpg (68117 bytes)
#521 westbound Holiday Express at NASSAU Tower 2017 Archive: J. Stroop
Jamaica_Holiday_Express-2017_GaryFarkash.jpg (89264 bytes)
Holiday Express at Jamaica Station 2017 Photo: Gary Farkash

521-in-action_Holiday-Express_2017_JStroop.jpg (50932 bytes)
#521 Holiday Express in action 2017 Archive: J. Stroop

521-Holiday-Express_at-station_12-16-2017.jpg (31515 bytes)
#521 Holiday Express through station 2017 Archive: J. Stroop
500_Holiday-Express_2017_JStroop.jpg (31451 bytes)
#500 Holiday Express 2017 Archive: J. Stroop
500-in-action_Holiday-Express_2017_JStroop.jpg (40645 bytes)
#500 Holiday Express in action 2017 Archive: J. Stroop
Holiday-Express_Smithtown-ViewW_12-16-17_BillSkeats.jpg (162416 bytes)
Holiday Express Smithtown View W 12/16/17
Photo: Bill Skeats
Holiday-Express_no.500_Ronkonkoma-track-1_12-16-17_BillSkeats.jpg (129809 bytes)
Holiday Express #500 Ronkonkoma
track 1 12/16/17 Photo: Bill Skeats
Holiday-Express_no.521_Ronkonkoma-track-1_12-16-17_BillSkeats.jpg (154390 bytes)
Holiday Express #521 Ronkonkoma
track 1 12/16/17 Photo: Bill Skeats

Christmas Train #562 at NASSAU Tower 12/24/2019 Photo/Archive: Joe Vila

Christmas wreath LIRR M7 #7769
12/20/2021  Photo/Archive: Joe Vila

Christmas wreath LIRR #502 12/20/2021 Photo/Archive: Joe Vila

Christmas night - 12/25/2021 Jamaica, Track 8  eastbound Babylon train with Joe Vila, Engr.   Photo/Archive: Joe Stroppel 



Semaphore 4/2001 - Dennis the Menace