The Diesel Shop  by R. Craig Rutherford  
    The "Home to First and Second Generation Locomotives;" a place in cyberspace where the records of yesterdays' and today's locomotives are stored for tomorrow's research.  

    LIRR Research, Publications & Photography Derek Stadler is an Assistant Professor at CUNY’s LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City, serving as the Library’s Web Services Librarian. His research focus is the history of Long Island, with attention to the growth of transportation, in particular, the Long Island Rail Road. I am currently in a lifelong project to thoroughly research Long Island and Manhattan Island, in particular the history of the various hamlets, villages, and towns, with an emphasis on infrastructure such as the Long Island Rail Road.  To view both research and photography, go to the Kings, Nassau, Queens, and Suffolk sub-pages.  The Modernization of the Long Island Rail Road The Long Island History Journal, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794  By Derek Stadler

    Sunrise Trail Division
    The official site of the National Model Railroad Association Northeast Region (NMRA) Division. LIRR clinics, events, Cannonball Newletter, etc. A great resource for the modeler and fan alike.


    Online museum of the Long Island Rail Road and gallery of railroad photos by LIRR historian and archivist Art Huneke, retired LIRR Towerman (Block Operator, later termed Asst. to Train  Director). LIpass1970sm.jpg (31526 bytes)

    Great Decals!TM
    Bill Mosteller's company: Great Decals! has produced two very nice LIRR decal sets listed below with more to come. 

    Van Iderstine (on-line industry of the Long Island Railroad
  • Van Iderstine tallow tank cars, in white - $5.99  Prototype Photos Decal Instructions Model Photo by Ben Hom Second Model Photo -This car featured in the NMRA's June, 2007 color calendar, model by Nick Kalis, photo by Ben Hom
  • Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)
  • M-70 double decker coaches - $4.99 Decal Instructions Prototype Photo Decal Artwork  - More on double deckers
  • Will's Train Art
    A fabulous website of LIRR train art images by the author Will Anderson. The index is a must see to view the many other railroads covered. Here's a sample:

     LIRR FA2 #605



    NY Cross Harbor Railroad
    A website dedicated to the NY Cross Harbor Railroad's past and present, featuring rosters, photos, maps and history's as well as operations of this once great short line in the heart of the Brooklyn Waterfront. A fabulous site on this industrial rail line.  By Phil Goldstein




    George L. Wybenga Caboose Art
    lirr92printGeorgeLWybenga03-09.jpg (70912 bytes)Well known for his award winning Serigraphs, George Wybenga has created a series of watercolor paintings of cabooses in order to create a visual record of this image of American transportation history. Since fall of 2001 he has completed over 220 images and continues to build the collection with the help of aficionados who supply him with reference material and from photos and sketches obtained from cross country trips. From these paintings he creates affordable limited edition prints for other caboose lovers to enjoy.



    Long Island Rail Road Photos & Recollections
    Dave Keller's 5000+ pictures, stories, vignettes....Fabulous material, perhaps the only existing intact collection of material stretching back into the 19th century in private hands.
    A rail historian and published author on this topic with two books:  

    The Long Island Rail Road 1925 to 1975.  Arcadia Publishing, 2004.
    LIRR-Bk 1-Keller-Lynch.JPG (23943 bytes)

    Revisiting The Long Island Rail Road 1925 to 1975.   Arcadia Publishing, 2005.
    LIRR-Bk 2-Keller-Lynch.JPG (16933 bytes)

    Twin Forks NRHS
     The Twin Forks Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society  publishes The Railway Post Office, sponsors trips to railroad related destinations, and is seeking members.  

    Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal / East River Terminal / Palmer's Docks - A Comprehensive History; 1870- 1983
    "Philip M. Goldstein's most comprehensive and authoritative website on the history of the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal. This website maintains the largest photo archives of  Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal motive power (locomotives & marine equipment) you may ever be likely to see on the web." 

    Industrial / Terminal Railroads & Locomotives of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx
    "Philip M. Goldstein's is primarily a compilation of  steam, diesel, electric, gas or oil mechanical locomotives that operated in the New York City metro area for industrial and terminal concerns, as well as a history of those firms that operated those locomotives. "

    Military Railroads and Locomotives of the New York Metropolitan Area
    Philip M. Goldstein's website is a compilation of steam and some primitive electric and gas/mechanical locomotives that operated on Military Installations in the New York City metro area. 

    Long Island Rail Road Parlor Cars
    The focus of this website is the parlor cars of the LIRR during the last four decades of the 20th century. In addition to the parlor cars, this website also offers some information on the group of lightweight passenger cars, mostly coaches, acquired "secondhand" from several railroads (Bangor and Aroostook, Florida East Coast, Kansas City Southern, New York Central, and Penn Central) to upgrade service.  Great Stuff by Jack Deasy





    The West Island Model Railroad Club 
    Home of  The Allegheny & Western Railroad; one of the Largest and Most Technically
    Advanced HO Scale Model Railroads in the Region.

    The club is located in Farmingdale, Long Island, NY, at 188 Merritts Rd. (at the corner of Motor Av.) in the basement of the Merritt Shopping Center--entrance is behind the stores-right side-downstairs--We meet on Tuesday and Friday evenings around 7 p.m. . Our telephone # is: 516-293-0994.

    Abandoned LIRR
    Abandoned LIRR is a site dedicated to the past, present and future of the vast network of abandoned LIRR stations, spurs, and anything related. While being focused around LIRR, this site will also include NYCity remnants in the future by Paul Strubeck.








    Oyster Bay Railroad Museum
    Our group will shortly begin exterior refurbishment of the Oyster Bay Train Station to its pre 1964 condition. We have been having a problem finding interior photos of what the station looked like until 1963. Anyone with information please contact us.

    Long Island Rail Road History Site
    Bob Andersen's LIRR site, a must visit.

    The Railroad Museum of Long Island
    Photos, maps, restorations, etc. located in Greenport.

    Forgotten NY
    Forgotten, overlooked and ancient sights of New York City and Long Island.

    Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
    Charles P. Woolever's extensive site; photos, maps, updated frequently. A favorite.

    Long Island Rail Road - Montauk Branch
    Nick Kalis' prototype research modeling site.

    Useful Railroad Data
    Rick Blanchard's fine collection of drawings, charts,  conversions, and other useful stuff.