Plant City - Robert W. Willaford Railroad Museum

Crossing Signal
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Switch stand
Semaphore_Plant-City-Museum_1-27-13_SteveLynch.jpg (118014 bytes)
Plant-City_welcome-home-figure_10-25-14.jpg (106757 bytes)
Welcome Home statue 10/25/14
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Plant City Interlocking Tower for the diamond crossing of the former SCL and ACL. It has been moved to this spot for preservation. 6/2/2002 Photo: Steve Lynch
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Plant City Station that served both the SCL and the ACL railroads.
6/2/2002 Photo: Steve Lynch


ACL508_Plant-City_1-27-13_SteveLynch.jpg (182922 bytes)
ACL #508 1/27/13 Photo: Steve Lynch
Plant-City-Musuem_1-27-13_SteveLynch.jpg (198693 bytes)
Plant City Museum view E 1/27/13 Photo: Steve Lynch
Seaboard-caboose_Plant-City_1-27-13_SteveLynch.jpg (203953 bytes)
Seaboard Wide Vision Caboose 1/27/13 Photo: Steve Lynch
Look-Out-for-the-Locomotive_Plant-City_1-27-13_SteveLynch.jpg (129112 bytes)
"Look Out for the Locomotive"
1/27/13 Photo: Steve Lynch
Plant-City_Returning-Home-figure_10-25-14.jpg (119490 bytes)
Returning Home statue 10/25/14
REA-sign_Plant-City.JPG (159393 bytes)
REA sign - Plant City Museum view E 1/27/13 Photo: Steve Lynch

SCL #5735 Caboose end - 9/15/2022
Photo/Archive: Steve Lynch

Seaboard Air Line baggage cart- 9/15/2022
Photo/Archive: Steve Lynch

Plant City Museum railroad hand car
9/15/2022 Photo/Archive: Steve Lynch

SAL Railway - Maintenance Limit Sign
9/15/2022 Photo/Archive: Steve Lynch

S. Collins St., Plant City - "No Train Horn" sign
9152022Photo/Archive: Steve Lynch

Rail Shots
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CSX freight crossing the Plant City diamond crossing.
CSX_Plant-City_ViewE_10-25-14.jpg (73666 bytes)
CSX motive power heading towards the Main towards Orlando. 10/25/14
CSX-unit-train-FRED_7-1-2010_SteveLynch.jpg (61427 bytes)
CSX Unit train "FRED" 7/1/10
  plant city auto rack 100 cars CSX 10-25-14.jpg (132262 bytes)
Auto rack graffiti on almost every car in this 100+ car unit train. 10/25/14
seed-fertilizer-plant-closed_Plant-City_6-2-02_SteveLynch.jpg (61173 bytes)
Closed seed-fertilizer plant 6/2/2002
Plant City Downtown
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Collin's/Reynold's St.
corner view E 10/25/14
Plant-City_3-14-13_SteveLynch2.jpg (146131 bytes)
Collin's/Reynold's St.
corner view W 10/25/14
Plant-City_3-14-13_SteveLynch3.jpg (141527 bytes)
Collin's/Reynold's St.
corner View S 10/25/14
This view shows the old non-used downtown passenger depot that was formerly used by both the ACL and SAL along with the two story SAL freight depot on the right in Plant City, Florida, 1974. Along the old east-west ACL platform are two railfans observing the station buildings. The gentleman on the right is Mr. Glenn Davis, the president of the Green Mountain Railroad and the other fellow kneeling down is the famous Florida rail photographer that always dresses for the occasion in white shorts. These stations have not been used for some time and SCL is operating both rail lines. Today the SAL freight station has been moved across the track behind the old combined passenger station and both buildings have been preserved as historic buildings along with some of the covered platform sheds by Plant City. Both the ACL and SAL mainlines have been rebuilt with welded rail and are operated by CSX today with Amtrak operating on the old ACL mainline.

The old SAL two story portion of the freight house still exists behind the old passenger depot. I knew that the some of the covered passenger sheds were moved and saved for historical purposes. I forgot that the freight house building was moved.
Bing map - Plant City view W
Plant-City-Station_1974_MikeRobbins.jpg (122932 bytes)
SCL railfan visitors at the old and historic railroad station facilities in Plant City, Florida, 1974 View NE

SCL_viewN_1974_MikeRobbins.jpg (113311 bytes)
SCL view to north along the former SAL mainline of old downtown combined ACL - SAL railroad station facilities in Plant City, Florida, 1974  Photos/Archive/Research: Mike Robbins