islipMikeMcDermet.jpg (46517 bytes)

Station - view E c.1908 Korten colorization post card

Islip Freight Sightings:   
Click to go:  islipbulkheadlumberflat3-80.jpg (58166 bytes)

Islip Dater-die

South Side R.R. Depot built: 1868
LIRR: 2nd depot built: 1881, razed: 12/1963
3rd depot dedication and opening: 12/7/1963 (Brad Phillips info) 
Agency closed: ?
Building remodeled: 1997

Islip_first-day-Penn-station-service_9-8-1910.jpg (81441 bytes)
1st train direct from Penn Station out to Islip: 9/8/1910. Info: Dave Keller
ssrrislip.jpg (87175 bytes)
South Side Railroad - Islip 1868 On
S.S.R.R timetable of May 20, 1868
2Islip_townof_1.jpg (235134 bytes)
Islip c. early 1870's

islip.jpg (25795 bytes)
Islip 1905 post card view S
Collection: John Fusto

Sanborn Islip 1909 Freight  House Area

mp42-43islip1902.jpg (66580 bytes)
  Emery drawing from 1902 Hyde Map
Collection: Stony Brook, NY

isliphydemap1915.jpg (161745 bytes)
Islip Hyde Map 1915
Collection: Stony Brook, NY


Sta-Islip-Substa-1925.jpg (37845 bytes)
Islip Ave. crossing and LILCO Substation View east from moving train c.1925
Collection: Dave Keller

Islip_2.jpg (170869 bytes)
South Shore Islip Township
c. early 1870's 

ilsip1908.jpg (75421 bytes)
Islip 1908 view NE
Collection: Stony Brook University, NY Thanks to: Dave Morrision 
islippropmap.jpg (57156 bytes)
LIRR Islip Land Plan 
1915 - 1919/20 for the valuation maps
Collection: Art Huneke
isliptablekeller.jpg (16272 bytes)
Dave Keller Concept Table Location
islippropmap2.jpg (50624 bytes)
LIRR Islip Land Plan Property Owners
1915 - 1919/20
Collection: Art Huneke

The above are parts of the LIRR Land Plan. The ROW was about 66 feet wide, but on the north side the property runs diagonally to a width of about 125 feet. Room for a turntable, but not a wye.

Forty years ago. I met a Mrs. Foley who lived on Commack Road or Wingan-Hauppaugue Road near the station. She remembered the turntable.

In the early sixties, I met Tom Riley (Rahilly) who was a retired engineer who had qualified in 1892. He, if I remember correctly, used the turntable. Same with Sylvester Doxsey.  Info: Art Huneke

Sylvester P. Doxsey  was one of the oldest and most highly thought of LIRR engineers. Top of the seniority roster at one time. If, I recall correctly, Jeff Skinner told me that Sylvester Doxsey was in the cab of the first train out to Montauk in 1895.

Eyewitness accounts are more trustworthy, especially when one of them was Sylvester P. Doxsey himself! The property line on the north side of the tracks in your map shows it curving northeastward a bit then stopping and then paralleling the track. That would seem like it allowed for a lead track to also curve northeastwards, following that slight arc and connecting with the turntable sitting in that enlarged area. No additional property shown north for a wye. 
Info: Dave Keller

MP 42 1925

Islip Station 1910 view east

Shelter view east c.1935
IslipMP41-MP42.jpg (84811 bytes)
MP 41-42 1958

 MP 42-43 1958
The first Main track was relocated further north on Winganhauppauge Creek feeding Brookwood Hall Lake to the current location just south of Moffitt Blvd. 1906

Islip Schematic 1958

MP 43-44 1958


Monzet's Hotel built c. 1890s view NE 3/1980 Photo: Steven Lynch

RS3-1554-SCOOT-Islip-1969.jpg (61961 bytes)
RS-3  #1554  Scoot
1969 Photo: J. P. Krzenski
Collection: Dave Keller

islipave.jpg (31023 bytes)
Islip Ave (Route 111) view southeast Just east of station c. 1925 

islipmanorcolor.jpg (64175 bytes)
Colorized photo view by the

islipcandf.jpg (71694 bytes)
Islip Coal & Feed c. 1968 view SE
Photo: Steve LynchislipCF2.jpg (64231 bytes)
Islip Coal & Feed c. 1968 view W
Photo: Steve Lynch

Islip Coal & Feed c. 1968  view S
Photo: Steve Lynch

IslipAveviewSE04-30-08MikeMcDermet.jpg (77494 bytes)
04/30/2008 Photo: Mike McDermet

Back years ago there was a husband and wife photographic team called the Kortens. They photographed all over LI and printed postcards that they sold. They were big on removing "unsightly" items from their postcard negatives by their skillful retouching of the images.

They retouched their images regularly, removing any form of unwanted stuff . . . even people, but telephone/telegraph poles were one of their specialties. Colorized postcards were very big in the 1920s and 30s. They are still very popular among collectors. Research: Dave Keller

lirr1520Islip.jpg (147741 bytes)
LIRR #1520 westbound 
Photo: Art Huneke

islipcolor1963.JPG (45095 bytes)
Station - Summer 1963 view NE Archive: Art Huneke

islip_old-ROW.jpg (60461 bytes)
Old S.S.R.R. and LIRR single track ROW prior to 1906 location border of Islip/East Islip at Winganhauppauge Creek 
Info: Steve Lynch

Ticket-Islip_7-12-62BradPhillips.jpg (66161 bytes)
Ticket Coach Only Islip to Bay Shore  07/12/62 front Archive: Brad Phillips

Ticket-Islip-Reverse_7-12-62BradPhillips.jpg (42095 bytes)
Ticket Coach Only Islip to Bay Shore  07/12/62 reverse
Archive: Brad Phillips

As late as July, 1962 (pictured above), the Islip ticket office was still using ROUND brass dater dies from the 19th century. Research: Dave Keller

This is blank ticket stock.  All ticket agencies had tickets with printed destinations as well as blank ticket stock. ALL were numbered for auditing purposes.  They also had a bunch of destination station rubber stamps.  If a ticket wished to be purchased to a station for which the ticket clerk had no printed tickets, a blank ticket was pulled from the case, was stamped with a destination station and then stamped on the back with the dater and dater die, validating the ticket.  

Sometimes tickets were purchased at a station for two totally different starting and destination points, not involving the purchase station, such as someone going to Patchogue and purchasing a ticket between  Islip and Babylon.  TWO rubber stamps would be used on that ticket, then validated with the dater die. 

Its officially referred to as a "half-fare" ticket and was used for years for children up to a certain age as well as clergy.  Years later, special ticket stock was printed that read "Clergy" on them and there was also yet another rubber stamp that said "clergy" that the clerk would stamp blank ticket stock, similar to Brad's ticket at Islip.  But children always got the Half Fare tickets.

 With that said, back around the turn of the century into the teens, there WERE mileage tickets sold on the LIRR but even then, nobody purchased 1/2 mile.  (Info courtesy of Dave Keller)  

Islip Schematic 1999
westernSuffolkCountyMap1941.jpg (519998 bytes)
Western Suffolk County Map 1941
Collection: East Islip Historical Society
Research: Ray Lembo Archivist/Trustee

Islip Station (north of tracks) 3/24/2003 Photo: D. Marra

MP 43 Just west of  Irish Lane 10-12-2001
Photo: Steve Lynch

Irish Lane view east 
Photo: Steve Lynch 10-12-2001

Westbound approaching
Irish Lane view east of  MP43
Photo: Steve Lynch 10-12-2001

Carlton Ave (ex-Rte. 111) view N.
Photo: Steve Lynch 10-12-2001



Irish Lane relay box  SE corner
Photo: Steve Lynch 10-12-2001

Islip Avenue, Joshua's Path, Wheeler Road, Town Line Road, Hauppauge Road

LOCATION: Islip (at NY 27A) to Smithtown (at NY 25 and NY 25A)

NOTES: For many years, NY 111 was the designation for Carleton Avenue between East Islip and Hauppauge, while CR 17 was assigned to Islip Avenue. The alignments for NY 111 and CR 17 were switched in 1972. Further north, NY 111 is multiplexed with CR 76 for one block along the Town Line Road segment in Hauppauge (near Hauppauge High School). In the mid-1960's, the NYSDPW proposed a four-lane divided arterial highway, partially on new alignment, for NY 111. Rights-of-way for this plan were obtained near the northern terminus in Smithtown, where the route was straightened (but never widened).

Source: State Roads on Long Island

isliipdepotsign.jpg (52905 bytes)
Historical Society of  Islip Hamlet Preservation Signpost
weather_vaneIslip-MikeMcDermet.jpg (21169 bytes) 
2008 Photo: Mike McDermet
LIRR_IslipStation_weathervanedetail_06072012_AlCastelli.JPG (30818 bytes)
Weather vane 06/07/2012 
Photo: Al Castelli
StanleyR.Jones_TicketClerk-Telegrapher_Islip-021958(Jones-Keller).jpg (76502 bytes)
Stanley R. Jones Ticket Clerk/Telegrapher Islip 02/1958
  (Stanley R. Jones collection, Dave Keller archive)
Stanley R. Jones, LIRR ticket clerk/telegrapher in white shirt and bow tie sending on his Vibroplex "Lightning Bug" key, with the telegraph sounder in the resonator at his ear - Islip station - February, 1958 just before his retirement. Stanley entered the roster of LIRR Telegraph Employees on May 2, 1919. In addition to the sounder being placed in the resonator to amplify the sound, it was typical old-style telegrapher fashion to insert a metal tobacco tin that was flattened and placed behind the sounder to make the "dots and dashes" even THAT much more audible. Notice the sign advertising Pullman accommodations . . . interline tickets were still being sold at this time.
Research: Dave Keller
LIRR-Railroader19Dec1963issueIslipStation.jpg (133106 bytes)
LIRR Railroader Issue 12/19/1963  Dedication new Islip Station
IslipNewStationDedicationCard-BradPhillips.jpg (36949 bytes)
Islip New Station Dedication Pass Honorary Station Master 12/07/63 Archive: Brad Phillips
islip2006.jpg (59396 bytes)
2006 Station view looking NW
LIRR_IslipStation_lookingsoutheast_06072012_AlCastelli.JPG (109671 bytes)
Islip view SE 06/07/2012 
Photo: Al Castelli
LIRR_IslipStation_lookingwest_06072012_AlCastelli.JPG (113565 bytes)
Islip view W 06/07/2012 
Photo: Al Castelli
lirr2004IslipViewW11-23-63.jpg (49194 bytes)
LIRR #2004 Eastbound 11/23/63
Photo: Bradford Phillips
IslipStationOpening12-63.jpg (38701 bytes)
Dedication of new Islip station 
12/07/1963 Photo: Bradford Phillips
GoodfellowOpeningIslipStation12-63.jpg (55286 bytes)
Goodfellow at dedication of new Islip station 12//07/1963
 Photo: Bradford Phillips

EMD F9A HEP #619 1990

516islipsummer2005.jpg (62527 bytes)
LIRR #516 Summer 2005

IslipStation_PedXingBell_c.2008.jpg (29376 bytes)
Islip Pedestrian crossing warning bell c.2008 connects the north/south parking lots west of station  View N

2006 Station Clock Tower view looking North

keystoneIslipMikeMcDermet.jpg (13073 bytes)
Clock Tower zoom 
Photo: Mike McDermet

LIRailroader_V8N14_07031963_p2_Islip_Station_new_look.jpg (123026 bytes)
LI Railroader Vol. 8 No. 14 7/03/1963 page 2

sts-eastofsaxonave01-27-08mikemcdermet.jpg (161747 bytes)
 STS Sign east of  Saxon Ave
View West 01/27/2008 
Photo: Mike McDermet

Speedometer test section sign, as per Special instructions 1038-A1 all STS are 1/2 mile in length and are located where speeds are 30 mph or greater; most are located near terminals. 

saxonavesiding1-27-08.JPG (80573 bytes)
 Saxon Ave Siding View West
01/27/2008 Photo: Mike McDermet
saxonsidingswitch1-27-08.JPG (128008 bytes)
Saxon Ave Switch View West
01/27/2008 Photo: Mike McDermet
Islip-84Lumber-closed_6012012viewW_AlCastelli.jpg (88353 bytes)
84 Lumber closed view W 6/01/2012 Photo: Al Castelli
84Lumber_Islip_lookingsouthwest_06072012_AlCastelli_1.JPG (92846 bytes)
84 Lumber view SW 6/07/2012 
Photo: Al Castelli
84Lumber_Islip_lookingsouthwest_06072012_AlCastelli_2.JPG (101778 bytes)
View SW towards Storage City  6/07/2012 Photo: Al Castelli
Islip_ PRIDE-Equipment_viewNW_6-04-13_JohnDeMarco.jpg (133069 bytes)
PRIDE Equipment view NW 6/04/2013 Photo: John DeMarco
lirrDE409_Islip-PRIDE-Equipment_viewW_6-04-13_JohnDeMarco.jpg (174743 bytes)

LIRR DE #409 PRIDE Equipment view W 6/04/2013 Photo: John DeMarco
84Lumber_Islip_mailbox_06072012_AlCastelli.JPG (145168 bytes)
84 Lumber mailbox View S 
6/07/2012 Photo: Al Castelli
84Lumber_Islip_lookingsoutheast_06072012_AlCastelli.JPG (94686 bytes)
84 Lumber view SE 6/07/2012 
Photo: Al Castelli


Industries Along Moffitt Blvd, Islip Manor, NY  

Islip2008.jpg (107873 bytes)

  Click to Visit:

Walkin' the Tracks 

When the new Islip High School was opened in September 1966 I was 14 years old at the time. Located rather than in the center of town where the old high school was built prior to 1900, it was further west near the edge of Bay Shore/Islip line at Saxon Ave.; thus a longer walk home.

We would follow the path through the wooded area north of school and use the double LIRR tracks to go east across Grant Ave., Nassau Ave., and finally to Islip Ave. (Route 111). MP42-43

I was aware of the possible danger of the “silent” approach, thus was looking over my shoulder as I went. However, as the south track was more convenient, we used it not realizing the afternoon passenger commuters used this track for the eastbound trains.

I remember the wooden pedestrian track crossing by the station, which for safety reasons is no longer there. The present pedestrian crossing connecting the north and south parking lots is located at the warning bell further west of the station. IslipStation_PedXingBell_c.2008.jpg (29376 bytes)




I never noticed the engines/consists that went through as none were freight and passenger trains were of no interest anyway. I was a freight fan from the start (model “real” trains not passenger/commute look alike “junk” as I thought at the time. As the railroad modeling in HO bug hit me several years earlier at the age of 10 (1962) the possibilities of freight movement and the variety of types/loads appealed to me.

The south side siding was always a disappointment as the LIRR had stopped using the track just past the Islip Coal & Feed Bunker turnout. This siding led to the Junk Yard west of Grant Ave.

The early fifties had doomed this bunker to be obsolete as the post WW II switch to fuel oil was very quick to catch on. The bunker was razed c. 1969, but had been unused for many years. With the demise of the bunker all tracks turnouts/sidings were left intact, however with no activity.
islipcandf.jpg (71694 bytes)

The north siding was not much better, if at all. The freight station had long been gone and a large Victorian house occupied the SW corner of Moffitt Blvd. and Railroad Ave. (Robert Emery map 5/1958) Nassau (Ave?) corner. Grinnell Lithograph used the siding as a team track as evidenced with a truck path through the brush to this track. They were located N across the ROW on Moffitt Blvd.

This siding continued east of Railroad Ave. with an “S: curve to Bayslip Lumber (with the boxcar freight loading door evident) near Islip Ave.  I never saw any freight at that spot. 

With the building of 84 Lumber on the team track the N siding became active after 1969+. 84 lumber is closed 2012.
Islip-84Lumber-closed_6012012viewW_AlCastelli.jpg (88353 bytes)

After a while tank/boxcars also became evident further east on the old siding east of Railroad Ave (later renamed Nassau AVe.) used as a team track for Velspar. Still in use at this writing. 8/2012

From MP41-42: East of Saxon Ave and south of the LIRR original main the south siding west of the coal bunker had a new turnout installed for Inspected Transit Mix Co., the cement elevator and siding installed 1957. Abandoned: ?

Information concerning the Historical Society of Islip Hamlet,