The New York Atlantic Railway - May 11, 1997
Here you will find links to prototype photos, maps, charts and other related info for your railroading and modeling enjoyment. 
So come take a fan trip along the NY&A right-of-way! 
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NYA Data Info:

NYA Incidents in 2015 9/17/15
21st Century Freight Photos 05/04/08
NYA Train Numbers 05/01/08
NYA Roster & Paint Schemes
NYA Fresh Pond Junction
NYA Photo Roster 04/22/08
NYA Customers

nyaFormA03-07-02johnfusto.jpg (46613 bytes)
NYA Form A 03/07/2002  Archive: John Fusto

nyaFormK03-07-02johnfusto.jpg (49278 bytes)
NYA Form K 03/07/2002  Archive: John Fusto

nya268-MPark-track24repairss08-17-08JoeTischner.jpg (92565 bytes)
NYA #268 Track 24 Morris Park Shops for repair 08//17/2008  Photo: Joe Tischner

PineAireYard10-22-04ChrisAllenNYA-GP10.jpg (87727 bytes)
NYA GP10  #201 ex-CR Only at the NYAR for a short while, until LIRR GP38-2 arrived.
Pine Aire Yard 10/22/04  Photo: Chris Allen 

Also used in service are Louisville and Indiana Railroad SW1200s #9321 and #9373.

LandIRR9321JoeSaullo.jpg (161466 bytes)
Louisville and Indiana Railroad SW1200 #9321  Photo: Joe S

LandIRR9373BayRidgeJoeGregory.jpg (133197 bytes)
Louisville and Indiana Railroad SW1200 #9373  Bay Ridge, NY 
Photo: Joe Gregory


Skeats, William J. (April/May/June 2005), "The New York & Atlantic Railway", The Railroad Press (65), p. 32. - lists startup date and general info about the railroad

Gregory, Joe: NYA leases two of those SW-1200's from their parent company, Anacostia & Pacific Co., they are ex-NH and EL units. I believe #9321 is waiting to be scrapped and #9373 is used on a daily basis.

They don't leave Queens/Brooklyn, NY because they lack ASC. They can be found working in Fresh Pond, or down at 65th as pictured above. I've seen shots taken of them over at the Arch Street team yard on the RS-40.

NYA Caboose Schemes

NYAfreshpond1997FirstXmas.jpg (97734 bytes)
NYA C66 Fresh Pond 
1st Christmas 1997
xmascabNYA1998GregGreig.jpg (26759 bytes)
NYA #62 1998 Photo: Greg Greig

NYA caboose #52 Glendale 1/19/2013 Photo: Greg Grice
LIRRrequiredNYAmannedStoneTrainMaspethYard1997.jpg (74498 bytes)
LIRR C62 Maspeth Yard 1997 LIRR required a NYA manned caboose for the eastbound Stone Train 

NYA Article June 2005 issue of The Railroad Press
text and photos: William J. Skeets

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